Indian Motorcycle Seats

Indian motorcycle seats are not just an afterthought by the manufacturer. Like a fine western saddle, the seats on an Indian motorcycle are made from the finest leather for maximum style and comfort…

For people who do a lot of riding, the motorcycle seat is a major factor in their comfort. A custom built motorcycle seat is designed for a specific rider, and can be designed for both rider and passenger. A custom made seat matches the rider’s unique shape, size, leg length, and riding style, for the utmost in comfort.

But there are plenty of riders for whom the luxury of a custom fitted seat is out of their budget. Fortunately, there are a number of different off-the-shelf motorcycle seats that can provide a good fit.

The original equipment Indian motorcycle seats are available from Indian dealers, and they come in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Much as a horseback rider will come to prefer a certain saddle, the motorcycle rider will appreciate the seat that gives him or her the comfort and support necessary to make riding safe and comfortable.

Some seats are extended back to accommodate a passenger. The extended part of the seat is called a pillion. Some seats are made for the solo rider. Some seats incorporate decorative touches like studs and fringe into the design, and some add comfort measures like a back rest.

Like saddles, leather motorcycle seats do not come cheap, particularly from the original equipment manufacturer. The Indian motorcycle seats sold by Indian dealers start at just under $600 and go all the way up to just under $2,200. The most expensive models are the western saddle seats in fringed leather. These require a four week lead time for Indian to make, so those interested in buying one of these as a very generous birthday present have to shop early.

Aftermarket seats for the Indian motorcycle also come in a range of styles and sizes. These generally cost less than the original equipment seats sold by the dealers. They are made specifically for certain models of Indian motorcycle, and are available as solo seats, solo seats with pillion, and dual touring seats.

Aftermarket seats often incorporate technologies that may be hard to come by from the original equipment manufacturers. For example, some use patented types of foam covered with leather to maximize the number of square inches of the seat in contact with the body that “break in” to create a near-custom shape as the rider or passenger spends more time on it.

Anyone investing in a great bike like an Indian will probably want to go that extra mile to make sure he or she has a seat that will provide many thousands of miles of riding comfort, whether its OEM or aftermarket.

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