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Languages Spoken In Pakistan

Would you like to know which languages are spoken in Pakistan? Then read our guide for more facts and information…There are many languages spoken in Pakistan including provincial and regional languages which are unique to those areas as well as many other languages are spoken. Urdu and English are the official languages of Pakistan while [...]

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Language in Argentina

Looking for information on the language in Argentina? Here we run through some interesting facts on Spanish in modern day Argentina and the country’s multilingual past.The official language of Argentina is Spanish and when visiting Argentina, it is advisable to learn some of the language prior to visiting. This will ensure that you gain maximum [...]

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Portuguese The Language of Brazil

Off to Brazil for the carnival or for business? Don’t get lost in translation by thinking Brazilians speak Spanish! Portuguese is the only language you’ll hear in Rio.Unlike Brazil, the rest of South America speaks Spanish. However, thanks to those first European settlers from Portugal back in the early sixteenth century, Portuguese is the official [...]

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Information about the Persian (Farsi) Language

Persian, also known as Farsi, is a rich and ancient language. For those wanting to learn Farsi or understanding its origins this article offers some insightful information.About Persian (Farsi) Within the Iranian branch of indo-European languages, Persian is a member of the West Iranian group. The three main dialects of Persian consist of that spoken [...]

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Language in Iran

What language is spoken in Iran? It is Persian, Farsi or Iranian? This article looks at language in Iran.Iranian languages form a major subgroup of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European Language family. It is interesting to note however, that Iranian languages are not limited to Iran – they are diverse in nature and are [...]

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Language in Turkey

Turkish, the language of Turkey has a rich history having been influenced by Persian and Arabic. Read on for more facts about the Turkish languageTurkish is the official language of Turkey where it is the native language of 80 per cent of the population. The largest language minority in Turkey are the Kurds who have [...]

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Languages in Switzerland

Are you interested in learning the language of Switzerland? You may be surprised to know that Switzerland has more than one official language. Below we explain the main languages spoken in Switzerland, and the part of Switzerland in which each languaSwitzerland is locked in the heart of Europe and surrounded by major European countries on [...]

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Studying Spanish language in Cuba

Are you interested in learning Spanish language in Cuba? Would you like to know when & where in Cuba to study Spanish language? Our guide to studying Spanish language in Cuba gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.Cuba is a Spanish speaking country situated in the Caribbean Sea. There are several options [...]

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Body Language in Greece

Tips on body language and meanings in Greece.Body Language Projecting your hand with your fingers open is considered very rude. Looking away when talking to someone is considered very rude. By moving the head downwards, Greeks mean Yes. By moving the head upwards, Greeks mean No. By twisting the hand right and left, with fingers [...]

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Spanish Language Immersion

Language immersion programs are increasing in popularity. Find out about how a Spanish language immersion program functions and how effective this method of learning is.The diversity of language is one of the miracles of this life. The world is full of so many people that are all similar in terms of creation yet they speak [...]

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Cambodian Language Study

The unique language of Cambodia has attracted a lot of attention. Find out about the various Cambodian language study options that are open to you.Cambodia houses a total population of more than fifteen million people. This Southeast Asian country is known for its unique cuisine and an equally complimentary culture. The metropolitan city of Phnom [...]

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History of the Spanish Language

Interested in the history of the Spanish language? Read ahead to find out the origin and history of the Spanish language…The Spanish language and its history dates back to the evolution of Vulgar Latin. The linguistic dialects of Castilian and Andalusia languages emerged in Hispania, also known as the Peninsula of Iberia, during the Middle [...]

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Spanish Language Audio Phrasebooks

Want to buy an audio phrasebook for the Spanish language? Discover the different aspects of Spanish-language audio phrasebooks in the market…When you’re looking for a Spanish language audio phrasebook there are different aspects of this product that need to be addressed. There are a variety of amazing Spanish-language audio phrasebooks available in the market today [...]

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