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Traditional Ghanaian Religions

Despite the presence of Abrahamic religions such as Christianity and Islam, traditional African religions have managed to retain their influence in Ghana, mainly due to their intimate relation to the local mores and family loyalties. Below is a look at various aspects of African traditional religion in Ghana.The Supreme Being According to traditional Ghanaian cosmology, [...]

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Islam in Modern Italy

About nine centuries after the Normans forced the Arabs out of Italy, the country witnessed an unprecedented influx of Muslim immigrants in the 1970s, leading to the establishment of permanent communities. Read our guide for more facts and information…After the Second World War, when thousands of immigrants were entering most European countries, Italy was witnessing [...]

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Machu Picchu Intihuatana Stone

The Intihuatana Stone in Machu Picchu is thought to have served as a solar calendar as well as a significant spot for spiritual ceremonies of the Incas. Read our guide for more facts and information…Intihuatana stones were ritual stones that had a prime role in the celestial observations of the Incas. They could have even [...]

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Religion in Iran

Looking for information in Religion in Iran? This brief article runs you through the basics to Islam, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and other religions in Iran.The religion held by the majority of the Iranian population is Shia Muslim (89%). Sunni Muslims in Iran constitute about 9% of the population and the remaining 2% of Iranians are from [...]

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Religion in Nepal

Religion is an important aspect of life in Nepal. The following article will help to familarise you with broad religious practice prior to you travelling to Nepal.Want to know more about religion in Nepal? Religion is an important aspect of life in Nepal and most individuals identify with a particular religion and strive to live [...]

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two italian nuns

Italy Main Religions

Are you going on holiday to Italy? Are you interested in the religion of Italian people? Perhaps you want to see some of the main religious sites in Italy? Our guide to religion in Italy gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.Religion in Modern Italy Italy is a modern European state that [...]

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Religious History of Argentina

Looking for some information on the religious history of Argentina? This article will run through the origins of religious beliefs in the past and also the present.Without doubt Catholicism can be considered the first and most influential organised faith in the religious history of Argentina . The religion came over from Europe when the first [...]

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Religion in Croatia

A 2001 survey assessed the religious makeup of Croatia as 90% Roman Catholic, 4% Christian, 0.5% Christian Other, 1.5% Muslim and other (including no religion)4%.  Religion is extremely important to people in Croatia and as such very few people define themselves as atheist.  The majority of Croatia identify themselves with the Catholic religion and are [...]

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French woman using Tricolore as a face veil

Religion in France

Are you interested in the religions of France? Perhaps you are doing a college project on religions in France? Here we’ve put together useful facts & information to give you an insight into France’s main religions.Catholicism in France France has traditionally been a Catholic country and today approximately 80% of the population of France ascribe, [...]

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Italian Saint Names

Just had a baby? Looking for a good name for him or her? Why not choose the name of an Italian saint? Our guide to Italian Saint names gives you facts & information on the most popular saints to hail from Italy.The lives of the people of Italy have been greatly influenced by the saints [...]

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Chilean Religion

Want to learn more about Chilean religion? Read on for factual information on the classification of Chileans according to religious beliefs…An estimated 70% of the Chilean population is Roman Catholic by default. However there are small chunks of other Christian sects spread throughout the country. The protestants and Evangelicals make up 15.1% of the population [...]

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Chinese Religious Pagoda

Ancient China Religion

Ancient Chinese Religion has always played an important part in the study of world civilization. The earliest information available about religion in ancient China is during the Shang Dynasty- 2256- 2000 BC.Ancestors of the ancient Chinese nobility were the only ones who were worshipped, whereas the dead of the poor were not considered worthy of [...]

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Blessed Marie of New France

Want to know about the women who brought religion to New France? Interested in how Blessed Marie of New France found her faith? Read our guide for more facts and information…Marie was born in 1599 in the city of Tours, France. She was the fourth child born to parents who were devout Catholics. Marie had [...]

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North Indian Temples

Have you always wanted to visit India? Take a pilgrimage to see the magnificent North Indian temples? Our guide has all the facts and information you would need…Only some North Indian temples have withstood the test of time and countless invasions, and have managed to retain their grandeur and functionality. Due to successive invasions, most [...]

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Famous Indian Temples

Want to learn more about famous Indian temples? Read on for facts and info on the most popular Temples of India and the reasons that contribute to their popularity…The country of India is renowned for its rich cultural, artistic and historical heritage. The richness of this heritage has been preserved in the magnificent architecture of [...]

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Temple Carvings of India

Are you interested in learning about the carvings featured on temples in India? Do you want to discover the beauty of the temple carvings of India? Read our guide for more facts and information…The Suchindram temple is but one of many temples in India; it is unique however as it is dedicated to three different [...]

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Egyptian God Hapi

Want to learn more about Egyptian God Hapi? Read on for a historical overview of the mythological character of Hapi, one of the most important gods in ancient Egyptian history…Ancient Egyptian culture was stooped in mythology. The Egyptians were known to be polytheists and hence had many gods that they used to worship. Amongst the [...]

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Egyptian Devourer Of Souls

Want to learn more about the Egyptian devourer of souls? Read on for facts and info on Ammit, one of the most feared mythological characters considered to be the devourer of the dead in ancient Egypt…Amongst the many different characters that form part of ancient Egyptian mythology was Ammit, the devourer of souls. This particular [...]

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Ancient Egyptian Reincarnation

Intrigued by the Ancient Egyptian reincarnation concept? Read on to discover what the reincarnation meant in ancient Egyptian times…The rich history of ancient Egypt spans thousands of years and is highly spiritual in nature. There was a lot of focus on reincarnations which led to the creation of mummies and the art of mummification. Every [...]

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Old Antique Russian Icons

Old antique Russian icons are an integral part of Russian history and heritage. Read our guide below for more facts and information on antique icons from Russia…The commencement of Russian icon painting took place when the state of Kiev Rus converted to Orthodox Christianity in the year 988 AD. These paintings were a reflection of [...]

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