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Novelties: Thriving Market

It would scarcely be possible to enumerate, far less to illustrate, the infinitude of objects that sometimes find their way into antique shops, which properly belong to the gift shop trade. However, it is a well-established fact that certain glass concerns have thrived on a business devoted largely to outright copies of old pieces, or [...]

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French Antique Roses

Want to buy some antique French roses? Do you know how to tell the difference between genuine French antique roses and reproductions? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.Almost as far back as man has been involved in the endeavors of artistic expression, roses have been held as a symbol [...]

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China Hutch Buffet

Interested in buying a China hutch? Read on for buyer advice and discover the variety of hutches available for sale…Unlike other conventional pieces of furniture the china hutch is a cabinet that engages its owner. This is because it features a display section where you can compose your fine chinaware and other ornaments to create [...]

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Antique China Patterns

Antique China items are made by different manufacturers and are differentiated by unique emblems or the mark on them. Each item has beautiful designs and patterns etched or painted on them which are also sometimes referred to as Antique China patterThe patterns or designs which are rare fetch more money than the common designs, though [...]

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French Provincial Chair White

Interested in the French provincial chair in white? Read on for facts and info on this historical tale developed and France many years ago…The French provincial chair is regarded as being one of the most exquisite pieces of furniture that you can incorporate in your house. It is a relatively large armchair that was developed [...]

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Vintage Danish Modern Furniture

Want to buy vintage Danish modern furniture? Read our guide for facts and info on the tradition of antique Danish modern furniture…The tradition of Danish modern furniture picked up following the post war period and has gained worldwide recognition for its simple and elegant designs. Danish modern tables, chairs, dressers and desks are typified by [...]

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