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Journey of My Life in Forty-Four Days

The Labrador current sets in a west-south-westerly direction south of Nova Scotia and down towards New York. For a small ship upon which currents have a large effect, it is essential to ride with a favourable one, so for the first two and a half days I sailed in a south-easterly direction until I was [...]

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My Travelling Experience in Yankeeland

I sailed, or rather motored out of Hampton on July 18th and rounded Old Comfort Point before I could switch off the engine and see my speed rise to 5,8 knots as the wind freshened. That night I entered the Piankatank River to anchor in Godfrey Bay at dusk; I really was on my way [...]

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My Sailing Experience Through The Windward Isles

I spent a fortnight in Barbados making good defects, varnishing and painting the ship and enjoying fresh food ashore. Brian and Ursula Jones, who had sailed their Buchanan yacht Halcyon from Cape Town, were most hospitable and I was able to see some of the island with their many friends; one day I lunched at [...]

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The Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Prague

Among the most well-preserved medieval cities in the world, Prague is a criminally underrated tourist attraction. Ancient stone buildings, extravagant churches and synagogues, and a resilient, industrious people give the city a rare kind of Old World charm. Stepping into the city is like stepping into the past. It’s not glamorous, but it is very [...]

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Peloponnese Road Trip Attractions

While Greece may not instantly stand out as a potential road trip destination, there is a great deal to recommend it. The scenery is stunning and there’s a constant temptation to stop every few kilometres to admire the view and grab a few snaps. There is amazing variety from authentic mountain or fishing villages to [...]

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themral hot springs Banos

Banos Thermal Hot Springs Ecuador

Nicknamed the “Gateway to the Amazon,” Baños, Ecuador is in fact the home to much more. Located at the foot of the famous Tungurahua volcano and named after the town’s numerous thermal springs, Baños has become a popular tourist destination but still maintains its small town feel. Home to less than 20,000 permanent residents Baños [...]

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Mototaxis in Peru

Peru Mototaxi Bajaj Junkets

Peru has many iconic sites to see (Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, downtown Lima) and things to do (eat guinea pig, surf the waves in Mancora, take a boat through the Amazon) but I have another iconic Peruvian item to add to your list – ride a Mototaxi. Riding a mototaxi has become a famous Peruvian [...]

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phuket is getting too expensive

Why Phuket Is So Expensive

Phuket has a reputation for pristine beaches, abrasive tuk tuk drivers, increasingly high crime rates and being the most expensive place in Thailand. This post attempts to answer why cost of living in Phuket is higher than anywhere else in Thailand.It’s commonly reported that Phuket is 30-40% more expensive than the rest of Thailand. Hotels, [...]

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