Italian Greyhound Harness

Are you looking for an Italian Greyhound harness, or just wondering why you should use one? Read our information below on Italian Greyhound harnesses...

Why Use an Italian Greyhound Harness?

Dogs get excited about going outside and going for a walk. They pull, they rush ahead, they get their leashes caught on things. When the leash is attached to just a traditional collar, these things can lead to choking and neck injury. A harness normally does not go around the dog’s neck, but the chest and torso, eliminating the danger of discomfort and injury. Obviously, the chest and torso are more robust parts of the body than the neck and throat.

Also, dogs are sometimes able to slip their heads of out of a traditional collar. They may be lost or injured during their escape escapades. It is much more difficult for a dog to remove themselves from a harness, thus keeping your dog safe where it belongs.

Types of Italian Greyhound Harnesses

There are many styles and options for you to choose from for your Italian Greyhound harness. The two main styles, however, are the K-Style Harness and the Buddy Belt Harness. The K-Style Harness wraps around the dog’s neck and the dogs torso. I know I said there was danger in placing collars around your dog’s neck, but it’s okay for the harness to wrap around the neck here because it’s also wrapping around the torso, thus evenly distributing the pull beyond just the neck and throat area. The pull of the leash is actually felt more on the torso than the neck. A Buddy Belt Harness is worn by placing the dog’s front two paws through the leg holes. The strap connects across the chest and then behind the front legs, giving you the most evenly distributed pull yield.

How to Use an Italian Greyhound Harness

As with all things new and different, your dog may not know what to think about this new contraption at first. That’s okay. Give him or her time. What you can do to help them along is making sure they are given a reward after every time you put the harness on them. At first, just show the harness to them. Let them sniff it and check it out. Once they’re comfortable with it, try putting it on them. Once you do, give them a treat and say, “Good dog!” Do this a couple of times. Then let the dog wear the harness around the house for a couple of hours. This well help them get used to the feel of it and it will become normal for them to wear it. Finally, put the harness on every time you take them for a walk. Eventually, they won’t mind putting on the harness because they’ll be excited for the walk that comes next.