Italian Greyhound Zoomies

Italian Greyhounds are energetic animals who often have the sudden urge to race around your house for a minute or two, jumping off furniture, knocking everything over in sight, and then laying down again in an out of breath pant. Keep reading for more information on what we like to call the Italian Greyhound zoomies...

What Causes Italian Greyhound Zoomies

Italian Greyhounds are house dogs. They like to be inside and comfortable. They like to be with you. They like to cuddle and sleep in the sun or curled up in a blanket. But whereas lazing around is their normal modus operandi, they also like to exercise. I mean, how much can one person really lay around before they start getting bored and experiencing a little cabin fever? It’s the same with you dog. Sometimes they just decide that they’ve had enough laying around and need to blow off some steam. This happens especially to Iggies (Italian Greyhounds) who don’t get a chance to go for walks or play in the yard as much. The key thing to remember about why an Italian Greyhound will suddenly zoom around your house is that they are bored and need to release some of their pent-up energy.

The Result of Italian Greyhound Zoomies

If you’ve had an Italian Greyhound, you know what these zoomie fits can do. The dog takes off, racing around your house and relaying from one side of the room to the other and more often than not, rugs get bunched up, end tables get knocked over, lamps break, cushions get flung, and children get toppled. Again, the dog isn’t being bad. He or she isn’t trying to wreck your house or destroy your things; they’re simply trying to get a little exercise. On the more serious side, dogs can even injure themselves in these zoomies. Italian Greyhounds have very skinny legs and sometimes when they jump off something, or take a misstep and trip themselves, they can end up breaking a leg. They can also bruise or cut themselves, depending on what they bump into. The zoomies are hilarious to watch, but these are some of the things that could go wrong.

How to Control Italian Greyhound Zoomies

Like I said, the zoomies are result of being inside too long and needing to release some of that pent-up energy. The best way to reduce the onset of the zoomies is to take your dog outside to play regularly. Take them in the backyard and throw them ball until they’re tuckered out. Take them on a walk twice a day. These are just a couple of things that you can effectively do to make it so that your Italian Greyhound doesn’t feel the urge to engage in the zoomies.