Mexican Cruise Itinerary Tips

Itinerary tips are crucial for first timers when planning their Mexican cruise. Read our guide for more facts and information...

Mexico has gained immense popularity as a top rated tourist destination. Going on a Mexican cruise is a great way to explore the country while experiencing life at sea. Due to the rising popularity the number of cruises offered has increased immensely. This poses the problem of selecting the ideal itinerary.

Your itinerary is the most important ingredient of a memorable trip. If you do not select the locations based on your convenience, taste and budget then your Mexican cruise will not end up as a happy holiday.
Know what you want

Different cruises will offer you different things based on the locations. It is important to know what you want from your cruise well in advance.  Are shopping and sight seeing your priority or would you like to spend most of the time on the sea?

Understanding this will help you choose between cruises. You will be able to analyze which cruise to go for and know if a longer cruise is worth less in terms of what is being offered when compared to a shorter cruise.

Duration of the cruise

One of the most important itinerary tip is to decide on your duration in advance. Whether you are opting for a long or a short cruise having a number with your travel agent is essential.

Many people with hectic schedules are unable to take the time out for a long vacation. For them shorter cruises is the best option as they can head for the perfect weekend getaway. This also applies for those on a tight budget and cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars exploring coast to coast.

Some of the must see cities include Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.


Some locations are considered to be a must when heading for a Mexican cruise. Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan are among the country’s most famous cities and are preferred by almost all visitors.

The Baja Peninsula is easily accessible and known for its tropical warm weather which remains all year round. It offers scenic views, authentic Mexican cuisine and thrilling adventures. If you enjoy these then make sure to include this destination in your itinerary.

Cozumel, located on the eastern side of Mexico suits most tastes. They offer Mexican themed attractions which provide you a taste of the culture and food. Stop by here to get a taste of everything, food, shopping, culture and entertainment.

Cancun is the destination for the young spirited. It offers resort towns available throughout the years. They offer discounts during the off peak seasons as well. Cancun offers nightclubs, fine dining, parties, luxury spas and fashion boutiques. It is also great for honeymooners due to their romantic waterside escapades for the couples.

Mexico has a lot to offer and each port excursion is bound to offer you something different although there are some regular on-shore activities to expect. Nevertheless keep these tips in mind before you finalize your itinerary and head for your Mexican cruise.