American Eagle Ultralight

Interested in the American Eagle Ultralight? Find out about the specifics of the American Eagle Ultralight and the unique sport of ultralight flying…

Ultralight flying is one of the most fun filled exhilarating sports in the world. However it is important that interested individuals take the time out to learn the rules of the flight before taking off the ground. The American Eagle Ultralight is one of the most widely used ultralight aircrafts used in this sport.

This unique sport offers a totally new dimension of sporting action even to trained fighter pilots. Nothing can quite compare to flying a top class ultralight American Eagle thorough the skies. A rather ironic statement that seeks to describe this sport states that flying the American Eagle ultralight is a step towards high performance slowness. There are a number of other aircrafts like the American Eagle ultralight. However the main difference exists in how you handle the air craft.

The flying of ultralight aircrafts is regulated by the Federal Aviation Regulation unit known as Part 103. They have determined certain rules and regulations according to which these aircrafts can be airborne.

General rules for ultralight flying

The first and foremost rule implies that all ultralight aircrafts should be one seat. The powered ultralight should not weight more that 254 pounds when empty whereas the maximum weight limit for the unpowered ultralight has been set to 155 pounds.

It should have a maximum fuel capacity of not more than 5 gallons and a maximum speed of no more than 55 knots. The maximum speed for power off stalling is set to 24 knots. In order for the aircraft to qualify as an ultralight it must meet the above mentioned criteria.

American Eagle Ultralight Specifics

The American Eagle Ultralight in its XL size weighs a total of 225 lbs without the pilot. It stretches for a length of fifteen feet from the tip of the nose to the tail. The eagle ultralight stands nine feet above the ground and has an impressive wing span of thirty five feet. The total wing area of the aircraft is 177 sq.

The American Eagle Ultralight has the capacity to house a pilot within a weight range of 120 to 250 lbs. One of the things that set the American Eagle ultralight apart is its impressive climb rate at 850 fpm. You can rest assured the climb rate falls within the limit set by Part 103.

The air craft has a takeoff and landing distance of 125 feet. It has a minimum speed of 24 mph in ground effect and a cruise speed of 35 mph. The maximum speed for the American Eagle cannot exceed the 50 mph mark. The service ceiling of the aircraft is calculated at 17,500 msl with a 7:1 maximum lift. With the engine off the aircraft has a sink rate of 300 fpm.

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