Breeders of Bull Terriers in Australia

Looking for breeders of bull terriers in Australia? Learn more about breeders of Aussie bull terriers that have high quality stock dogs…

The Australian breeders of bull terriers are registered in a council that has established standards for Australian bull terriers. It aims to retain the characteristics and traits by maintaining a careful control of the bloodline.

Australian Bull Terrier Breeders

There are different and reputable Australian bull terrier breeders located across the country. One of the highly regarded kennels is located in Queensland Australia. The CAITSAM kennel provides the details on the litters that it breeds and even gives out information on the stud dog along with images. The Victoria-based Bullroy Kennel And Queensland-Based Sirram kennel also provides full details on the authentic bloodline of their Australian bull terriers. Each of these breeders of bull terriers in Australia is associated with some club and provides guarantees and information on the sire and dams that have been used to create the stock dogs.

There are different clubs and websites like the Act Bull Terrier Club at Di Cross Sutton, which specializes in maintaining the standard, along with the Bull Terrier Club Of Victoria Inc. where you can get information on the canine breed standard for the Australian bull terrier. Spread across the country from North Island to New Zealand and Australia, the Australian bull terrier breeders clubs are fully equipped to handle any query of the canine breeders or dog lovers interested in purchasing an original bull terrier that has all the desired characteristics. Most of the breeders sell the Australian bull terrier on a spay and neuter contract.

Characteristics of the Australian Bull terrier

The bull terrier breed is part of group 2 and has a moderate energy level. It was initially bred for use as a bull-baiting dog and has a very amiable temperament. It responds well to discipline and training and, even though it is a bit stubborn, it is good with humans.

It is a dog that can be well suited to different environments and family structures, but it is very courageous and fiery by nature. The average lifespan of the Australian bull terrier is from 8 to 15 years. Its height is variable and the hair and fur coat are pure white or close to it. It does have some pigmentation and marking on the forehead, but the brindle is mostly  black, tri-color and fawn along with a red one acceptable for conformation and breed identification.

Bull Terrier Breed Information

It exhibits a very intelligent and determined look on its egg shaped face. The coat is short and hard, lying flat on the skin. The dog was bred from different bloodlines to create a very strong and courageous dog that had an immense threshold for pain. These determined canines have a great sense of humor and unique individuality. Preferring the companionship of their own family they have great endurance and are admired by humans.

These imaginative dogs are responsive to discipline, making them good and lovable house pets. Therefore, these characteristics are retained when Australian bull terrier breeders focus on developing more litters of the bloodline. Not only are they good companions. but if they are trained properly they become very dependable in terms of providing protection to people and especially children of the family.

This active canine requires a lot of exercise, which can include long walks and running about. There are some dogs who have deafness at childhood and that must be checked for along with displays of obsessive-compulsive behavior in certain instances.

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