French Door Mini Blinds

French door mini blinds are considered to be the best means of dressing up French doors because of their optimal slat size that allow for proper control of incoming light and also render attractiveness. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Blinds are an all-time fashion for window treatments for any type of window including bay windows, corner windows, patio doors and arch-shaped window panes. In addition to the standard operation using wands and cords, they also come as motorized versions that are operated by remote control. French doors look good with any window treatment, be it curtains, drapery or blinds. Wooden blinds are common in vintage homes and have a timeless appeal. Bamboo blinds are also gaining importance mainly because it is cheap and eco-friendly. However, mini blinds tend to add more attraction and utility to French doors, without obstructing the doorway.

Why are mini blinds suitable for French doors?

Mini blinds, or venetian blinds as they are popularly called, render a classic look to French doors. They create a neat-lined design that can suit any kind of interior, regardless of the décor. Besides, they are relatively cheaper, durable and easy to clean. Blinds usually come with slat sizes ranging from half to two inches.  Half-inch blinds are also called micro blinds and they are suitable for small windows. Standard blinds have one-inch slats and they are commonly used because of their versatile applications. Horizontal blinds with very closely placed slots don’t look nice on large windows, and vice versa.  Mini blinds provide the right proportion for dressing up French doors. Vertical blinds may not look as good because French doors are not broad enough to display them attractively.


Mini blinds come in plastic, vinyl and aluminum to suit the color and style of the door and the overall décor of the home. All of them are functionally superior and stylistic, despite the clean lines. Aluminum goes well with contemporary interiors as it gives a more modern look. The thickness of the metal also varies, depending on the extent of wear and tear it is likely to be exposed to. Manufacturers also offer custom blinds for specific dimensions and design requirements, using premium materials for more durability.

Functionality and Operation

Apart from creating a design statement in the home, mini blinds serve to filter light to provide medium lighting or even darken the room. Further, they protect the interior furnishings from fading and damages caused by the sun’s UV rays. All blinds are commonly operated with wands, cords or corded loops. The slats are tilted to open or close by using the cord or wand. Alternatively, the cord can also be operated to raise the whole stack of slats for a wide open window. Lowering the slats and tilting them can offer different levels of light control for the room. Motorized operation is convenient for blinds that are installed on high windows and are not reachable. Cordless blinds are safe when children are around.

Mini blinds offer practical window treatments for French doors because of their affordability, functionality, charm and ease of maintenance.

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