New Mexican Furniture

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to restyle your home whilst creating a homely atmosphere? New Mexican furniture is an affordable way to instantly create a stylish and timeless look to any home. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Purchasing new Mexican furniture is a breeze, especially when so much of it is easily purchased over the Internet. Despite never having been used, the furniture still carries an age-old quality of rustic charm, with natural textures and colors lending it an organic, warm character that gives it a lovely vintage feel, without second-hand flaws.


Mexican wood furniture is characterised by a solid, sturdy design, with wrought iron-look embellishments and fixtures that hark back to Spanish conquistador days. Whether it is pine, alder or mesquite, the natural wood grain gives character and warmth to any room. New wooden furniture can be bought in flat packs, and rest assured that the sturdy design is both durable and easy to assemble. Buying new also guarantees that the furniture will not be excessively warped or cracked due to temperature changes. Depending on the type of wood, prices can range from very affordable to lavishly decadent. If a more antique look is desired, wood finishes can be treated with agents that can give it a more distressed or weathered look, without compromising on first-hand functionality.


Twig furniture is made of long pieces of bentwood or willow, curved into shape to create lovely rustic pieces, usually for outdoor use. It can be prone to weathering very quickly if it is not given the proper care, and buying new ensures that all components are intact and in perfect condition.


Equipale style furniture is characterised by hand-tanned and dyed pigskin leather upholstery, with frames made of criss-crossed cedar strips. There is a definite rustic feel to this style that is unique to Mexico. Traditionally, the leather is a burnt sienna color, but can also be ordered in a variety of other vibrant colors, including turquoise and pink. Furniture types include barrel stools, tables and armchairs.


Wrought iron or forged iron furniture is a perfect rustic addition to any existing décor. The slightly rough look of the iron provides texture, while the slim yet sturdy pieces make for a casual elegance that complements many indoor and outdoor areas.  Buying wrought iron furniture new also ensures that there will be no parts bent out of shape or corroded from shoddy workmanship.

Furnishing Your Home

Mexican furniture can be used to furnish any part of the home, whether it be the bedroom, kitchen, lounge or even outdoors. The natural textures and color tones also blend perfectly with many décor styles, from contemporary to vintage. New furniture can also be custom made to suit any size or shape that is needed to give the home a more personal touch.

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