Swiss Army Bags

Looking for a Swiss army laptop bag? Want to know what different models of Swiss army travel bag are available? Our guide to Swiss Army bags gives you the facts & information you want to know.

It has been ages since you went on a holiday, just you and your family. It has been on your mind for quite some time but the occasion just hadn’t risen. Now there it is, all your assignments completed at work, your paid annual vacation just looming ahead, the kids also on school leave.

Well, you’re not just about to pass up an opportunity like this. You get on to the Internet and browse through the holiday promotion sites, discuss it with your family and come to a decision as to where to go. You decide on your itinerary, book your tickets and the needed accommodation and all you have to do now is pack. And what do you find? You do not have the necessary travel luggage. Your family has expanded.

Swiss Army Travel Bags

That’s not a problem. Is it? A search for travel luggage on the Web will throw up dozens of offers. You are checking them out and fiddling around your desk when you lay your hands on a Victorinox Swiss Army knife. A knife that has served you faithfully on many an occasion over the several years that you possessed it. Just for curiosity you surf to their web site and find that they also list Swiss Army bags in their repertoire of products. The travel luggage related products comprise brief cases, upright mobilizers and back packs. Victorinox call their range of travel luggage as “Precision Travel Gear”. Every component manufactured to conform to the legendary Swiss craftsmanship and engineering precision. The Swiss Army bags are stylish and look simply ravishing.

Swiss Army Bag Features

Since you are packing for your family you concentrate on the upright mobilizers. Available in four sizes, the small and the expandable ones in the standard, the medium and the large; they come in just two colors – Black and Red/Black. Every feature of these bags has been ergonomically designed with comfort and functionality in view. The patented and curved monopole features a swivel handle with soft Geluxe comfort grip. A Drop-n-Go bag system rises from the handle cup and locks into place, allowing you to carry a briefcase or tote. Lower the handle and the Drop-n-Go automatically retracts. A “Never-Lost Attach-a-Bag Strap” tucks into the top front pocket and secures additional bags. The main storage area has removable mesh packing cubes that snap into the bottom of the bag and a hanging mesh pocket on the inside wall. A 6.5 cm expansion provides additional packing space.

Your choice is immediate and there are no second thoughts. You pick one large expandable for the whole family and small backpacks for your kids and maybe even a Swiss army Laptop bag for yourself. You go home with smug satisfaction, pack your belongings, wait for the longed for day to commence your holiday. At the last moment you shove your Swiss Army Knife into your backpack and off you go. Never know just when it might come in handy.

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