Cuba Visa Regulations

Are you going to Cuba on business of for a holiday? Do you want to know the easiest way to get a visa for Cuba? Our guide to visa regulations in Cuba gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

The type of visa you need to enter Cuba depends on the purpose of your visit. As a socialist state, Cuba is very keen on bureaucracy and this can often mean the need for a lot of patience when applying for a visa to Cuba. This is why it is very important that you determine what type of visa for Cuba you need before you start the process.

Passport Requirements for a Cuban Visa

All persons applying for a visa to Cuba must be in possession of a valid passport that will remain valid for at least a further six months from the date of entry to Cuba.

Tourist Visa for Cuba

If you are going on holiday to Cuba then the visa process is relatively easy. If you are going on a package holiday your travel agent should provide you with a travel card for Cuba which is part of the travel package. This travel card is the equivalent of a tourist Visa in Cuba and allows you to remain in Cuba for up to one month. If you are planning on travelling to Cuba on your own and finding your own accommodation and food arrangements in Cuba, it may still be best to try to obtain your visa or travel card from a local travel agent in your country. Many travel agents offer this service for a price of about £15 and it saves you the hassle of having to go to the Cuban embassy where you may not be successful anyway.

Visa at the Airport in Cuba

If you arrive in Cuba without a visa it is still possible to obtain a travel card at the airport. However, the price you will be charged for this travel card once inside Cuba is approximately double what you would have paid otherwise, so it makes sense to complete your visa arrangements before leaving. Another issue to be aware of if purchasing your travel card or visa at the airport in Cuba, is that the officials will be more likely to closer scrutinise your accommodation arrangements. By law in Cuba, you have to have pre booked at least three nights accommodation at a hotel in Cuba, and if you haven’t, you will be forced to stay in the airport until you’ve purchased your accommodation from the airport where the prices will be high and the choice often poor.

Business Visa for Cuba

Persons travelling to Cuba on business are required to apply for a business visa to Cuba. The process for this type of visa is entirely different and a lot more time consuming than obtaining a tourist visa. You need to apply for your business visa to Cuba at your local Cuban embassy and expect the process to take up to two weeks.

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