Best Beaches in Ghana
Ghana is home to a number of superb beaches that stretch across its coastline.
Ghana Beads
History Ghana boasts being home to Africa’s largest bead markets, with Ghanaian beads enjoying
Black soap from Ghana is one of the healthiest soaps available on the market
Ghana Dirty Beaches
Although Ghana boasts being home to many great beaches, some of its beaches leave
The fashion industry in Ghana is well on its way to becoming an international
Gold is a precious metal that retains value. It is also highly durable and
Kente is a type of cotton and silk fabric that is made by interweaving
Centrally located on the west coast of Africa, Ghana is home to large and
Ghanaian culture is characterized by various customs, beliefs, practices, etiquette, manners and protocol relating
Batik Ghanaian batik evolves from a process of coloring cloth using wax to block
Despite the presence of Abrahamic religions such as Christianity and Islam, traditional African religions
In addition to its beautiful coastline, friendly people and warm weather, amazing traditional Ghanaian