Crochet Shell Stitch
The shell stitch is classic in crochet patterns and is used to create sweaters,
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Two giant statutes of Buddha were destroyed in 2001. This was done by the
Hammasa Kohistani is an English model of Afghan origin through her parents. She grew
The treats known as Afghan biscuits are a mystery as far as origin goes.
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Afghan one piece patterns an save a lot of time when crocheting. For more
The use of dancing boys in Afghanistan is an ancient custom. It had once
Pomeranian Puppies
You have probably seen the pictures of the adorable little Pomeranian puppy in a
If you knit, you know that knitted items make great Christmas gifts. Afghans are
Afghanistan, having been in the news, has created a new fashion in hats. There
Both crochet and knitting can be wonderfully rewarding hobbies. There are various places to