Top Etiquette Tips for Nepal

Avoid those cultural blunders and ensure you read these top etiquette tips prior to travelling out to Nepal.

When travelling anywhere in the world it is always prudent to acquire an awareness of the respective culture of the country and to hence understand the relevant etiquette of the country and the ‘do’s and don’ts’.

There are some clear etiquette points for Nepal which anyone travelling there should be aware of.

The main etiquette considerations for Nepal are as follows:

1) It is important to cover in Nepal and as such, women should always wear a long skirt that covers the legs and men should always wear a shirt – it is very important etiquette in Nepal that men should not walk around ‘topless’. This behaviour in Nepal would be considered extremely rude and disrespectful.

2) Bargaining does not form part of the etiquette of Nepal and as such, the prices of food and other goods should not be contested.  Again, this would be seen as rude and offensive.

3) Nepal has a problem with waste and it is important etiquette therefore, during your stay in Nepal that you burn any waste which can feasibly be burnt

4) Religious etiquette in Nepal requires you to pass prayer walls on your right.  You should also leave a donation if you visit a monastery.

5) When using the toilet in Nepal it is important etiquette that you bury your faeces and burn any toilet roll.

6) It is important that you do not point the soles of your feet at anyone during your visit to Nepal as this will most certainly cause offence.

7) When eating in Nepal, etiquette demands that you do not handle anybody else’s food, that you only pass food containers with your right hand and that you do not eat from anyone else’s plate.

8) For religious reasons, you should never touch the head of a Nepalese individual.

9)  If you are seated on the floor, etiquette in Nepal demands that individuals do not step over your legs.  As such it is necessary for you draw your legs up to enable the individual to pass.

There are a wealth of resources on the market which give an overview of the culture of Nepal and the respective etiquette. To ensure that your trip to Nepal progresses as positively as possible, then it is important that you have read as much material as possible.

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