Korean Acupuncture Needles

Want to learn about Korean acupuncture needles? Read on for details and the history of Korean acupuncture…

The acupuncture needle is utilized as a medical instrument for the cure of different diseases. It is used as a means of withdrawing some blood while simultaneously stimulating certain blood flow points in both animals and people. This is done by pricking the points with the acupuncture needle.

During the prehistoric era, before the development of needles, very sharp stones were utilized and these went on to be replaced by bones or shards of porcelain.
Eventually with the development and discovery of metals, human beings went on to create acupuncture needles from metals like brass and copper and precious metals like silver and gold.

However, a significant drawback of these needles was the fact that they could break easily and get contaminated or rust easily. Eventually in the 1960s the first stainless steel needles were invented and today high-tech needles are commonly being utilized for acupuncture.

The acupuncture needles utilized today in Korea can be traced back to the Han dynasty in China that dates back to 200 BC. The use of acupuncture needles is unique to the Orient and this is where Korean medicine differs from medical science prevalent in other cultures like those of India and Arabia.
The main impact of Korean acupuncture needle use has been the understanding of the meridian concept pertaining to the human body, utilizing the pulse for diagnosis along with identifying different acupoints to be used in treatment.

Popularity of Korean Acupuncture Needles

Highly recommended for their good quality and durability, Korean acupuncture needles have become very popular. The main reason for this is that acupuncture is a commonly utilized means of maintaining good health in the Orient. Korea is known for its production of good quality and sterile acupuncture needles. In the 21st century acupuncture is not limited to Korea or the Orient anymore and has spread across the globe to the Western world.

Since its origins can be traced back to Korea it is no surprise that Korean acupuncture needles are found reliable and trusted for executing acupuncture treatment methods. While there is extensive research related to the blood flow and meridian concept, most professionals who learned the art as a skill refer back to the Korean texts and the theory originating from that country.

It is important to find a reputable practitioner who understands this medical science to its full extent. Otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective and possibly damaging if conducted by an unskilled practitioner.

Utilizing Korean acupoints in needles to relieve an ailment afflicting the human body is only effective if the practitioner of acupuncture has an in-depth knowledge of both the sickness afflicting the human body and a clear understanding of the skill required to perform acupuncture effectively. The treatment is only as effective as the experience and skills of the technician and must be executed by using high quality and sterile Korean acupuncture needles.

History of Korean Acupuncture Needles

In Korea the commonly utilized acupuncture tool used to be stone. However, when it migrated to Japan as a medical science, it became so popular that it was incorporated in the civil service exam.

It was extensively practiced and perfected during the Joseon Dynasty. The main advantage of utilizing acupuncture as a treatment was the fact that it was very inexpensive and convenient.

From the poor peasants to the well endowed government officials everyone experienced the benefits of utilizing Korean acupuncture needles and the treatment blossomed. In fact the first acupuncture book was published in Korea and it included the entire theory.

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