Korean Bean Sprout Salad

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The Koreans make a special salad using bean sprouts. The particular beans they use are mung beans. These are grown and used in many parts of Asia and are regarded as being the best bean sprouts to use for cooking purposes.

In order to prepare an authentic Korean bean sprout salad you need to make sure you get your hands on the freshest bean sprouts. Ideally they should be white and crispy. You should avoid the ones that have become opaque and limp as they have passed their prime and will soon turn into a mush. It is important to know that bean sprouts are extremely perishable items, hence you should only buy them in the amount that you need.

Start off by tidying up the bean sprouts. You will need to hand pick each bean sprout and use the freshest of the lot. Although this can be a very tedious process it will be well worth in the end. This is not to say that consuming the long and brown rooted bean sprouts is unhealthy, but it does affect the taste and appearance of the final recipe.

You should organize your work space by placing the bean sprouts on one side and a bowl full of cold water on the other. Start picking out the good pieces from the stack and toss them into the cold water. In order to avoid damaging the bean sprouts you should pick them up from the roots. The roots need to be pinched off and then the rootless part needs to be inserted into the water. In the end you will be left with 75% of your bean sprout stack.

Ingredients and Process

In order to prepare the authentic Korean bean sprout salad you will need about 1 pound of fresh bean sprouts, 1 tablespoon of white sesame seeds, 1 tablespoon of salad oil, 1½ tablespoon of finely chopped green onion, one small garlic clove finely chopped, 1½ tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce.

After you have sifted through the stack of bean sprouts you need to insert them into cold water. On the side you need to boil some water on the stove and insert the bean sprouts into the boiling water. You should let them stay submerged in the boiling water for about three minutes. Following that you need to drain them thoroughly and keep them on the side.

Next you will need to take your sesame seeds and place them in the skillet over low heat. Continue to cook them until they turn brown making sure that you stir them constantly. After you see them browned you can add the rest of the ingredients to the bean sprouts in a salad bowl. Make sure you give the contents a good mixing using a fork. Traditionally the Korean bean sprout salad is served cold.

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