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Interested in the Korean drama Lovers? Learn more about this gangster-based love story, which unfolds in Lovers, a Korean drama…

The Korean drama Lovers focuses on the life of a wealthy gangster and well-known businessman Kang Jae and his interaction with Mi Joo a plastic surgeon. The drama is an example of the romance genre and it was was broadcast in November 2006 in 20 episodes. The Korean actors and actresses involved in the TV drama are popular names like Jung Chan, Kim Jung Eun , Kim Kyu Ri, and Lee Seo Jin.

Aired on the Seoul Broadcasting System the popular TV drama series was actually shot in Europe and is actually considered the final installment of the series aired by SBS, which started with the drama Lovers in Paris and was followed up by Lovers in Prague.

Synopsis of the Drama Lovers

During their first meeting Mi Joo mistakes the gangster as her sleazy brother-in-law. However he turns out to be her neighbor’s boyfriend and the father of her unborn child.

When he needs her the other character playing the role of Sae-yeon, the gentleman immediately is besotted by the feisty attitude that Mi-Joo gives him. As it turns out Sae- yeon is also the son of the gangster and Kang-Jae actually works for the father.

Plot of the Korean Drama Lovers

The TV serial starts with Chang-bae’s character shouting at Kang-jae because the lead gangster known as President Kang had reprimanded him.

Chang-bae shows his mother Yang-geum the picture of a young girl Mi-ju and the mother decides to get them both married. She calls upon Se-yeon to try and arrange a meeting between the two.

However, he is not interested in marrying the plastic surgeon and sends his friend to meet her. However, the plastic surgeon gets angry with the man who replaces Se-yeon and throws wine on him in anger.

This results in Se-yeon developing an interest in her. After that another scene ensues between Mi-ju and Kang-Jae when she rushes into the Japanese restaurant and tries to fight with him under the false impression that he impregnated her neighbor and dumped her.

During the fight she is surrounded by his gang members in black suits and this frightens her. She then hears a commotion at the house of her neighbor who is arguing with her actual boyfriend and then Mi–Joo the plastic surgeon figures out her error in assigning the mistaken identity to Kang.

In her neighbors home a serious argument unfolds between Yu-jin and her boyfriend when she shouts at him and denounces the flowers and luxury car that he has given her.
Yu-jin demands of Kang-jae that he live with her and marry her but he refuses. Another story unfolds at the orphanage managed by Minister Yoon. That place is being repossessed and Mi-Joo tells the gangster Kang-jae to purchase the title to the land in order to prevent the repossession.

However during the argument he is attacked and the skillful surgeon has to keep her wits about and use her skills to save his life as the drama unfolds.

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