Korean WarRock

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The Korean WarRock is the multiplayer video game that is produced by a company in South Korea called ‘Dream Execution’. The videogame is considered a first-person shooter and is commonly available as a free to play or freeware video game. It is available under a license agreement from EULA and can be downloaded from the World Wide Web. K2Network provides hosting support for Europe and North America and facilitates community inputs. Any player who wants to be part of the game has to establish a community account, which is known as Gamers First and allows a player to conduct online transactions.

Korean WarRock Manufacturer and Availability

The game is free download software, however Korean WarRock gamers have to register online. Initially the retail version was sold in commercial markets and had additional features. However, it is no longer available. A distinct advantage of the Korean WarRock video game is that it takes minimum resources and capacity to function on a computer. Because of this there is a large audience registered for the Korean WarRock game and it is popular with gamers who frequently play old games and do not update PC hardware to facilitate new games. Due to the registration requirement, the Korean WarRock video game is protected from hackers. It utilizes the Hack Shield Professional program on an international level and in Korea as well. The Game Guard program is utilized for protection against hacking in the Philippines.

Details of the Korean WarRock Gameplay

The game depicts action during a nuclear war in the Republic of Derbaran, which is a fictional country shown as part of the Central Asian region, which lends it a slightly realistic impact. Gamers can select between one of the two teams and fight in wars and battles by utilizing high-tech military equipment, which includes different vehicles as well as infantry weapons.

There are three play modes in the video game, which include Urban Ops, Close Quarters Combat and Battle Group. The major difference among these three is the map size utilized to depict the war zone. The smallest battlefields comes with the second mode, which is the close quarters combat, whereas the Battle Group includes huge battlegrounds along with equipment like helicopters, Checks and Hummers along with boats on the ocean. There are different objectives in each game mode but the main idea is to defend the gamers ground and advance on enemy territory to the capture key positions. This is done by engaging in a death match with the whole team as well as placing bombs and other explosive on enemy targets.

This free game also gives the gamers an option to purchase the premium package. That allows gamers to utilize options like purchasing guns and in game money ¬¬– along with hosting more aps. The multiplayer mode features a death match among different players, but the rest of its modes are not killing based, making it a relatively saner game in terms of violence and mayhem.

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