Recipes for Making Korean Pierogi

Want to learn more about the recipes for making Korean pierogi? Read our guide for facts and info on the authentic Korean pierogi recipe…

Pierogi is the name of a cuisine item that is prepared in many cultures all over the world. Korea happens to be one of those places where the consumption of this universal recipe is quite common. The basic recipe consists of unleveled dough that is made into boiled dumplings and then stuffed with a variety of ingredients.

Although Koreans have been preparing pierogis for many centuries it is difficult to say whether this food item originated from their country. It is generally believed that the origins of the recipe pre-date the development of the modern nations. In its essence the pierogi bears close resemblance to the Jewish Kreplach and the world-famous Italian ravioli. Similar recipes are prepared in Asia known as Khinkali and the Turkish have their own variety that goes by the name of Transcaucasus. It is also popularly known as Mandu in Korea.

Korean Pierogi Recipe

In order to make the authentic Korean version of the pierogi you will need to create half circle dumplings of unleavened dough. These dumplings then need to be stuffed with a specially prepared filling that is made up of mashed potatoes, farmer’s cheese, regular cheese, cabbage, meat, sauerkraut, mushrooms and various other ingredients. The choice of stuffing rests with the personal preferences of the cook and the guests that are being served.

The Koreans also produce a desert version of the pierogi. Although that is prepared much in the same manner the ingredients used for creating the stuffing are different. The most popular dessert version of the recipe makes use of fresh fruit filling, with strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches and apples being very popular. One of the more exquisite dessert varieties of the pierogi has a filling of stoned prunes.

The most popular filling however is a mix of potatoes and farmer’s cheese along with fried onions. The Koreans are not the only ones fond of that recipe. Rather people from Ukraine and Poland are very fond of preparing pierogi with those ingredients. Mashed potatoes mixed with grated cheddar cheese also makes an excellent stuffing for the dumplings.

In order to prepare these dumplings you will have to roll the dough flat-out on the surface and cut it in to small circles. You can use a drinking glass to cut the dough. Next you need to place the filling inside these circles and fold the dough over in a manner that forms a half circle.

Following that, the pierogis need to be boiled until they start to float. Then you should drain them out and serve them with melted butter. On the other hand you can also fry the dumplings for another flavor. Pierogis are typically served with sour cream, onions and mushrooms. For the dessert varieties you can make use of homemade applesauce or maple syrup as toppings.

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