Save The Last Dance for Me Korean Drama

Following Save the Last Dance for Me Korean drama? Learn the background and storyline of the popular soap opera watched and enjoyed in Korea and the rest of the world…

Save the Last Dance for Me Korean drama, the popular television soap opera, was launched in October 2004 and the serial completed its episodes and storyline in January 2005. It was initially aired on the SBS Korea network for locals. However, the distribution was taken over by YA entertainment and now Koreans all over the world can enjoy this popular soap opera.

The 20 episodes of the Korean drama Save the Last Dance for Me are available on seven discs in the Korean language. For fans of foreign language television soap operas this TV serial is also available with English subtitles to appeal to an English-speaking audience base. As a special bonus the disc contains a few minutes of airtime of the popular 1995 Korean TV serial Sandglass, designed to introduce it to audiences who may be interested in more Korean dramas.

Save the Last Dance for Me Storyline of the Korean Drama

Save the Last Dance for Me is focused on the life of the lead character named Ji Eun-Soo. The TV serial focuses on how fate changes her once simple life into a challenging one. The lead role was executed by a popular Korean pop star known as Kim Yoo Jin or Eugene Kim. She was previously part of a musical group called S.E.S. based in Korea. The lead character Ji Eun Soo is introduced as a young girl who is responsible for the management of a charming bed and breakfast country style inn that is owned by her father.

During an attempted robbery Ji Eun-Soo manages to save the life of Chang-ho whose character is played by leading Korean actor Ji Sung. However, after this incident he cannot recollect who he is and she reluctantly has to take him in to reside at their premises after the incident. Both the characters interact with each other during the course of the year while living on the same premises and eventually fall in love leading to an engagement and the announcement of their intention to be married.

The soap opera goes on to reveal that the person going by the name of Chang Ho is in fact the son of a large corporate boss based in Seoul and Chang Ho’s real name is Kang Hyun Woo. He actually has a fiancée waiting back at home and has been hoping for the past nine years to acknowledge that he loves her and also hopes marry her. However, we find out as the drama unfolds that the personal confidante and tutor of the business magnate is actually the one plotting against him. The character named Jung Tae Min wants to avenge the death of his parents resulting from a suicide, which was attributed to the father of Kang Hyun Woo. With Kang losing his memory it is difficult for him to realize who he is. His family and fiancée believe as a result of the wreckage at his car crash site that he has died in the crash. This seems to be further validated since all his personal belongings and a badly burnt and unrecognizable body have also been found at the crash site.

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