Stairway To Heaven Korean Drama

Interested in Stairway to Heaven the Korean drama? Learn more about this popular TV drama about two best friends and their life…

Stairway to Heaven is a popular Korean TV drama that was aired during late 2003 through early 2004 and became extremely popular. This TV serial was produced and broadcast in South Korea on the SBS network. The famous TV stars who played leading roles in this TV serial included Kwon Sang-woo, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Tae Hee, and finally Shin Hyun Joon.

Plot of the Korean TV Drama Stairway to Heaven

The storyline of this Korean drama revolves around a young girl Han Jung-suh played by Korean actress Choi Ji Woo and her best friend Cha Song Joo played by Korean actress Kwon Sang Woo. The relationship between these two childhood friends is intense and eventually the special bond grows into a loving and caring relationship between the two of them.

After sharing happy moments to sad ones including the death of Song Joo’s father and then the death of Jung-suh’s mother, the two become inseparable and come to rely on each other. Surprisingly, after the death of his wife the father of Jung-suh falls in love with an actress he had recently met.

The young daughter is extremely happy at the joyous relationship that her father and stepmother seem to have developed and is very fond of both of them. She feels that her father has regained joy, which was only present before her mother passed away. Once her stepmother moves in she also brings in her two children, a son known as Tae Hwa and a young daughter known as Yoori.

The story takes an unprecedented turn when her father leaves for his job and the stepmother suddenly becomes wicked, cruel and extremely harsh. She completely foils Jung-suh’s plan to move to America with Song Joo in order to pursue her education.

The young boy travels alone to America in order to study there and has to leave behind a very sad Jung-suh. The young girl ends up suffering at the hands of her stepsister and stepmother. In fact, the stepmother tries to set up her own daughter Yoori with Song Joo because he is from a rich family. On the flip side the young Tae Hwa mistakes the kindness of his stepsister as affection and eventually falls in love with her.

After three years in America, Song Joo returns while Jung-suh excitedly waits to greet him. The jealous stepsister in an attempt to stop the reunion runs her car over Jung-suh to prevent her from meeting the young boy. She is rushed in an unconscious state to the hospital where there are other victims who have died in a recent fire in the city. The conniving Yoori exchanges Jung-suh’s ID card with one of the fatal victims of the fire and therefore fakes her death. Since the real Jung-suh is unconscious, Yoori transfers her to the house of her own father.

Her brother Tae-Hwa, who was in love with the young girl, discovers the plot that Yoori has woven and plans to run away with the young girl in order to claim her as his own. If he does not do this she would otherwise return to Song Joo.

These two siblings and their original father are the ones who find out about the plot and he helps both his children to uncover this heinous act of selfishness. The plot unfolds and reveals the conniving ploys of the stepchildren. At last the young childhood friends are reunited after a series of unfortunate events.

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