US Ships Sunk in Korean War

Want to learn more about the US Army ships sunk in the Korean War? Read on for facts and info regarding the US ships sunk during the Korea-US War…

The Korean War is remembered in history as one of the most ferocious and unprecedented wars. It was fought between the Republic of Korea and the US-led combined forces, which ultimately led to the defeat of the United States. The battles of 1950-53 were the most damaging for the US and it was in these battles that the Koreans managed to sink a number of US ships, which paved the way for their victory.
The US initiated a surprise attack on the North Korean front in 1950. However they had to face an immediate and extremely powerful counteroffensive by the Korean army.

The battle of Taejon is regarded as one of the most impressive examples of modern encirclement warfare. The Korean army managed to drive out the US forces from Seoul in less than three days. As a result Taejon was declared the capital of South Chungchon Province. Here they built a strong defense at the bank of the River Kum. That was declared as the line of no retreat.

However the Korean supreme commander made a scientific analysis of the entire scenario and initiated a war strategy that entailed not giving any breathing space to the United States forces as they were making a full effort to halt the advance of the Korean army. The army started striking successive blows to the US forces as a result of which their efforts to maintain their defense line was foiled. The Koreans managed to encircle and annihilate the main forces thereby freeing Taejon and opening up a clear passage for the South Sea.

The Army was supported by strong gunfire from the rear with which they managed to cross the river. They also staged a false river crossing that was meant to act as a diversion for the enemy forces. As a result of this strategy the Koreans were able to engage the defensive naval forces of the US and managed to completely destroy them. Although the US had claimed they could maintain their positions for three years. A large number of US ships were sunk at this site.

The remaining forces were forced to move into Taejon. However the supplementary Korean unit came across the southeast of Taejon and encircled the enemy. By cutting their route they managed to annihilate the remaining forces and thus the Siege of Taejon was completed.

In the course of the war almost 25000 troops were either killed or taken captive. About 1000 military trucks, 49 tanks and 150 US guns were also destroyed.  3 US destroyers and 3 small vessels and six landing ships belonging to the US were sunk during the Korean War. Countless other blows were sustained by the US Naval forces as well as the military that was fighting on land during the course of the war.

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