How To Make Turkey Gravy

Want to learn how to make turkey gravy? Learn the basics of making good turkey gravy…

To ensure tasty and easy gravy you should be able to use a heavy-duty roasting pan on top of the stove because the turkey gravy is made in the pan in which the turkey itself was cooked. A traditional turkey gravy is made with a roux sauce.

This method utilizes cooking of leftover fat from the meat that was cooked in the pan and mixes it with the flour. Simply roast them in the roasting pan and add back the juices.
You can then pour off the dripping and separate the fat and juices. It is always recommended to deglaze the pan in order to get smooth gravy.

The different liquids that you can utilize for creating turkey gravy can be the juices of the leftover drippings in the pan, chicken broth, water from boiled potatoes or simply plain water.

Simply place the roasting pan on the stovetop. If it is a very large pan then you can spread it on two of the stove burners. This will ensure even heating of the entire pan.

Combine the fat with the flour and cook for approximately 2 minutes to brown the flour completely while stirring constantly. Now slowly pour in half a cup of the chicken broth or liquid that you’re using. With one hand keep stirring continuously to combine it into the fat and flour mixture.

You need to prevent all sorts of lumps and create a fluid gravy. This mixture thickens very quickly and if it starts to become clumpy then add a little more chicken broth. But make sure you don’t add more than half a cup of chicken broth at a time, otherwise it may prove excessive and the gravy will become to liquid. Once the mixture has a smooth texture, stop adding the liquid.

Simmer the gravy on low flame for a further 10 minutes. Season it with salt and pepper according to your taste. For a smooth gravy make sure you sieve the entire liquid through a mesh strainer. This gravy can be served in a serving bowl or gravy boat for a formal dinner. Serve while hot with turkey roast and roasted vegetables.

Basic Tips for Adjusting the Consistency of Turkey Gravy

There are ways that you can correct a gravy that is too liquid or too thick. For gravy that is too liquid you should simmer it gently on the stovetop to evaporate more of the chicken broth and thicken it.

Alternatively mix 1 tablespoon of flour into 3 tablespoons of very cold water to dissolve it completely. With a whisk add it to the gravy so that no lumps form and then heat the gravy to a boiling point to combine and cook the flour.

Alternatively you can utilize corn flour to take in the gravy by mixing it into a ratio of one to one with cold water. Whisk it into the gravy and then simmer it further.

If your gravy has become very thick you can add a little broth and keep whisking it to prevent the gravy from making lumps. Add very little in one go and continue till you reach the desired consistency. Bring the liquid to a boil after you have added the broth. If you do not have any broth left, use a little water, but too much will ruin the flavor of the gravy and dilute it too much.


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