Hammasa Kohistani

Hammasa Kohistani is an English model of Afghan origin through her parents. She grew up in Uzbekistan. For more facts and information, read our guide…

Kohistani is of the Muslim faith. She is one of the very few Muslim models as the baring of body parts veil is against Muslim traditions and customs. She is a brunette and speaks six languages including English, Russian and her native Persian.

A Beauty Queen

Hammasa Kohistani in 2005 became the first Muslim woman to be crowned Miss England. It was not an easy decision for her to compete for this title, as she and her family received death threats from hard line Muslims. Nevertheless, she bravely went on to compete and to win the competition. She was eighteen at the time.

In 2005, she represented England in the Miss World competition held in China. Despite being a heavy favorite, she did not make the final 16. She has since then become famous for championing the cause of Muslims in England.

Political Statements

After the terrorist London bombing in July of 2005, then British Prime Minister made a statement that the Muslims of Great Britain should take a more active part in preventing members of their religion from committing acts of terrorism.

Hammasa Kohistani took his remarks to heart. She answered his statement with disdain. Kohistani felt that Blair’s’ remarks were inflammatory and anti-Muslim.

She said that by telling the Muslim community to do more to prevent terrorism, he was stereotyping the Muslim people as terrorists. Kohistani went on to say that with this stereotyping, even moderate Muslims were turning to terror with an attitude of they were going to be blamed anyway. She stated that there were ill feelings on both sides, with most of the ill will coming from the government.

Kohistani said that her being crowned Miss England was just sugar coating to make it appear that Muslims were being well treated and accepted in English society, when just the opposite is true. She also went on to say that as Miss England she had performed ambassador type duties and had shown the world that there are good Muslims and that people should not be judged by the way they looked or if they wore a beard.

Kohistani said that with the government attitude and the Heathrow bomb scare that she felt she was needed as a showpiece even more now than when she was crowned. She felt that sugar coating or not, it is important for individual Muslims to be seen as good people.

Many of these remarks took place before the competition in China. How much they affected Kohistani’s chances at winning Miss World is anyone’s guess. One thing though is for certain. Kohistani has shown her bravery by competing and has shown wisdom for a lady so young.

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