Spring Waltz Korean Drama

Interested in Spring Waltz the Korean drama? Read ahead to learn more about the final installment of the seasonal drama series Spring Waltz, the famous Korean drama…

As part of the fourth series for endless love, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent, Spring Waltz became instantly popular. Part of this miniseries was directed by Yoon Suk-ho.

Important Details of Spring Waltz

This beautiful television series talks about the spring blossoms in the hearts of lovers and how and hope blooms with them. It compares how lonely hearts are enflamed by the warmth of spring and brought out from the harsh winter. Another important facet is that this television series was shot in Austria in places like Salzburg and Hallstatt. The television rights to the TV serial was sold to most of the countries and Southeast Asia and became instantly popular.

Synopsis of The Story Line of Spring Waltz

Now this television series takes very picturesque scenery and combines it with amazing music to support the sorrow and yearning of the lead character Jae-Ha’ as he mourns his lost love and identity. As the first scene unfolds a father and son run away from the city and escape to an island, which is beautiful and remote. The young boy comes into contact with a young girl who lives with her single mother and it turns out that the father and her mother are friends. He ends up leaving the boy with this woman and her child and eventually the young girl Eun-Young and the young boy Su-ho grow up and fall in love with each other. However, some turbulent and conflicting situations arise as this unfolds. The television serial Spring Waltz focuses on young love and the fantasies that are eroded by the harsh dangers of reality. It goes on to show mental bruises and identity crises that shunned relationships and advances can create. It moves on to show the healing process, which goes through forgiveness and reconciliation similarly as winter gives way to spring and hope springs eternal.

The Twists in The Plot of Spring Waltz

Moving on to the new series, Eun-young travels on a plane to Austria and meets up with Song Ina who is one of the co-passengers and going back to meet up with her childhood love Jae-Ha. He’s not very keen about meeting her after 15 years of being separated.

Going back to Eun-young, she is elated about her first overseas visit and actually runs into JK Phillip who is Jae-ha’s manager and best friend. JK accidentally thinks that she is the other woman Ina, whom he was supposed to pick up from the airport.

It turns out that they keep on running into each other and at the flip side there is a mix up between Eun-young and Jae-ha. Even though the others are interested in each of them, these two end up falling in love with each other and are drawn towards the spirited approach and outlook that each presents.

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