Australian Cattle Dog Rescue

Participating in an Australian cattle dog rescue? Learn how you can rescue Aussie cattle dogs and help them by giving them loving homes…

The Australian cattle dogs are known as the stumpy tail cattle dogs. The Australian cattle dog rescue service helps provide homes and shelter to abandoned Australian cattle dogs.

There are many services dedicated to rescuing Australian cattle dogs and volunteers can help by putting up notices or spreading information of the available dogs that require homes.

Any dog related website that helps in posting details of these canines can assist the rescue services and facilitate their activities. For active enthusiasts the website is constantly updated. If you are looking to provide shelter to a canine then you can simply register with the online e-mail service to be notified every time some new dog comes to the shelter. Browse through the list and you can choose the gender, age and coat colour of the dog that you would be interested in.

Rescue Programs

The dogs that are part of the rescue program are actually provided to the rescue and shelter service by the RSPCA shelters or the Department of Animal Services.

The staff actually checks that these are dogs that can be used as good pets for someone. Their nature and disposition is assessed before being sent off to live with people. No one wants to have an aggressive dog because it would be difficult for any animal lover to care for it.

Each dog is checked by a veterinarian and tested for heartworm. Furthermore, any medical treatment that is required is given to the dog prior to it being sent for adoption by a family. This means that you get a healthy and checked out pet dog, which is not a hindrance to the family. Rather it can be a source of much joy and happiness in a loving home.

Healthcare for Australian Cattle Dogs

Foster care is provided for the dogs for a minimum of one week at the shelter. The healthcare that is provided to the Australian cattle dog at the rescue centre includes vaccination, removal of worms and, if required, they are given a treatment for flea and ticks. The dogs are sprayed or neutered as required.

Benefits of Adopting an Australian Rescue Cattle Dog

Housebreaking is already accounted for because if it is not already there then during a week of living in the rescue shelter the dog is housebroken. The pup will already have grown into a mature dog and you will benefit from the mature dog not chewing on your fingers and clothes.

You can actually see how big, active and hairy the mature dog is so you are prepared for the requirements of a particular animal. Since you already know the lifestyle of your family you will be able to choose the right dog that will fit into your home life.

Most pets are given up because they are mismatched to their owners. Also when you have an older dog it is more of a companion and always eager and ready to be on the go to match your movements and requirements. Rescue dogs actually bond with the new owners because of the feeling of being wanted rather than being abandoned and rejected like they were from their previous homes.

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