Australian Licorice

Would you like to try out the world famous Australian licorice candy? Have you ever wondered about how licorice from Australia is made? Read our informative and factual guide...
Australian Licorice

Licorice extract is the primary ingredient used in Australian licorice candy; the extract is produced by boiling the licorice root for a few hours which leaves back a concentrated form of licorice extract.

The juice begotten through this process is then dried into powder and this powder or block juice is used in limited quantities. Usually less than 1% in the manufacture of licorice candy from Australia. However, licorice candy manufactured in the USA does not include licorice extract; they are simply made from sweeteners, artificial flavors and starches.

The composition and production of Licorice candy

Licorice candy is manufactured today with the same process that was used to make the candy hundreds of years ago. The only difference is that the enormous increase in the amount of juice needed in the commercial production of licorice candy now calls for a continuous cooking process for the extraction of the licorice block juice while earlier a batch process of slow cooking and extraction was used.

The change in the extraction technique has greatly reduced the flavor and taste in the block juice. Also, the ingredients used in the production of these cadies make a difference to the quality of the final product; while most commercial manufacturers are inclined to use starches, artificial flavors and color along with preservatives; this has given several products an unpalatable, rubbery texture.

The black opal

Some of the more popular Australian licorice candy includes: the black opal. This is a soft licorice candy of premium quality that just bursts with flavors in your mouth. Made from genuine licorice extract.

This is as close as you can get to the original technique of licorice candy preparation. Unless you taste the black opal, you simply haven’t experienced the feel and taste of real licorice in your mouth.

The Raspberry Australian licorice candy

Then there are the fruity licorice cadies made from the amalgamation of two flavors, usually licorice with a fruit such as the Raspberry Australian licorice candy. This candy has a soft center that is filled with licorice extract combined with mouth watering raspberry essence.

It is the perfect choice for adults who prefer fruity licorice candies. If you like a firmer candy, the strawberry licorice would be the ideal choice for you. It’s fun to eat and filled with the amazing taste of strawberries. This product is particularly suitable for licorice connoisseurs who would like to try out some of the more non traditional products.

The Black opal Allsorts

Then there is the long standing favorite, the Black opal Allsorts which is a chewy and flavorsome candy that is the first choice of most licorice lovers.

Two other non traditional products in the licorice category include the traditional soft eating licorice and the raspberry soft eating licorice, both are covered with delicious, silky dark Belgian chocolate. If this is the first time you are trying out a licorice candy, these products will be perfect to introduce your palette to the taste of licorice.

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