Australian Red Heelers

Adopting an Australian Red Heeler? Learn about the active Australia Red Heelers, which are cattle dogs as well as house pets…

The Australian Red Heeler or the Queensland Heeler has been named based on its interesting coat of fur. The unique coat looks like it is speckled or has mottled clots of red hair. This unique looking coat is derived from a mixture of white and black or gray hair, which mixes with the red hair. The entire chunk is interwoven tightly to give the effect a speckled look.

This actually a breed that was developed in Australia to get the right kind of qualities required for a droving or herding dog. This working-class dog is highly energetic and agile. It requires a lot of activity and can conduct challenging tasks on its own. It can work independently and does not require much guidance when working on the field.
Australian Red Heelers as Pets

Nonetheless, as a house pet this canine is an ideal pet for people who have an active lifestyle. If it is provided a laid-back environment, its behavior becomes obsessive and compulsive and can result in massive destruction of household furnishings and and other items.

The dog is not to be left alone for a couple of hours because it suffers from separation anxiety. Therefore it makes the ideal pet for someone who has a large family where there is always a human companion around for this very loyal and affectionate dog.

Excellent Guard Dog Qualities

They are extremely alert and agile, which makes them excellent guard dogs. The dog is very loyal and must be socialized at a very young age because it becomes shy with strangers. The shyness can border on aggression at a later stage, which is a perfect quality to have in terms of a dog that is utilized for guard dog purposes.

However the temperament of the dog should be analyzed before fitting it into a family in order to ensure that it can socialize with the children and family members in a good way. A lot of obedience classes, herding classes and different social activities can be incorporated into effective training aactivities for this canine.

Physical Characteristics of the Australian Red Heeler

The dog shows a great deal of symmetry as well as balance. The Australian Red Heelers should be well proportioned and each of the body parts should be in configuration with other parts. Even the confirmation breed, which differs slightly in terms of its characteristics is always hard and muscular with a well conditioned body.

When it comes to the dam the maximum height at the withers reaches up to 19 inches while the weight is retained at a maximum of 50 pounds. The male dog of the Australian Red Heeler breed reaches a maximum of 20 inches at the withers and can have a maximum weight of 60 pounds.

This compact dog has a well proportioned and muscular body. The hair is very coarse and oily and looks very ruffled like a wooden undercoat. The long tail is very low and ends in a slightly white tip.

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