Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix

Would you like to know how to train your pet Australian shepherd Border collie mix? Read our informative and factual guide…

Dog training is a vital part of owning a dog and this particularly holds true if you have an energetic breed like the Australian shepherd border collie mix. If you don’t train your dog in time; eventually, you will have to deal with an ill behaved and disobedient dog who may turn into a nuisance for you as well as those around you. So it’s essential that you consider dog training at the earliest. But training your dog is not just about dropping your dog off at the dog training center. It will require dedicated commitment and time from your side as well because after all it’s you who has to live with the dog not the trainer.

So the next question is where, when and how do you start this essential training program for your Australian shepherd Border collie mix?

To begin with there are many dog training options available and it’s up to you to chose the one that best suits your requirements. More often than not the trial and error principle will help you to make the final choice. Every dog owner and every dog has specific requirements when it comes to training. There are owners who are satisfied with just basic obedience training while others want their dogs to be top contenders at dog shows. So you will have to try more than one technique and finally pick the one that helps you to realize your dog training goals. Just to get you started let me give you some food for thought.

The first and the easiest way is to hire the services of a professional dog trainer, albeit this is going to cost you a pretty penny. But if you don’t have the time or the stamina to undertake the training program yourself, and you will need a lot of it with an Australian shepherd Border collie mix; then this might be the perfect solution for you. Here again a little research done over the internet or at your local veterinarians clinic or at the pet products shop will get you the names of trainers who are willing to bring down their price.

The second technique is relatively inexpensive and involves the use of training gadgets such as collars. There are two types of training collars available in most pet product shops. One involves emitting a high pitched sound which can only be heard by the dog and causes discomfort. The other uses a tiny electrical jolt to achieve the same result. Essentially what you are trying to do here is use the collars as a small punishment each time your dog falls out of line. Both these products are useful and safe.

Alternatively you can buy one of the many books available on the subject and try your hand at training your dog. You can also use the reward method to teach your dog. This involves giving your dog a treat each time he does something to your liking.

The important thing is to not look at dog training as a duty but rather a time to bond with your pet and make sure that your future together is happy and comfortable for both of you.

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