Beaches in Brazil

Going to Brazil for a holiday? Want to know where the best beaches are? If it is beaches you want, Brazil has plenty of them up and down the country.
Beaches in Brazil

If it is beaches you want, Brazil has plenty of them up and down the country. All offer a range of activities from catching some sun to people watching to surfing. Here we run you through some of the best beaches Brazil has to offer from the four main regions in the country.

The North: One of the most attractive beaches in the north of Brazil is Alter do Chao (Para), which is one of the many river beaches in the region. Other beaches include Algodoal, Joanese and Salinopolis that are either ocean beaches or river beaches where the Amazon meets the sea.

The Northeast: Of all places in Brazil, Bahia offers plenty of picture postcard beaches. Ones of note include Arraial da’Ajuda, Trancoso and Caraiva. If you want something off the beaten track then try the Peninsula do Marau. Further north in the state of Alagoas you will find many fishing villages with their own beaches such as the excellent Porto de Galinhas.

The Southeast: As Rio de Janeiro is within this region the holiday maker is spoilt for choice. Two of the best beaches are Pepino and Barra. Elsewhere in the state you can also try some of the smaller (and less hectic) beaches such near the Parati area.

The South: If it is surf you are after then the beach of choice is Praia do Santinho. It is not as packed as the usual tourist locations and the sand dunes that back the beach offer a stunning setting. The beach is one of many on Ilhad de Santa Catarina which is near Florianopolis. In the same state there is also a beach at Praia da Rosa surrounded by green hills. Between June and October you could also catch site of whales if you are lucky.

If going to Brazil on holiday to take advantage of the beaches you are most probably going to experience hot weather. Here is a list of things you may need to take with you:

  • Shorts;
  • Trousers (for the evening);
  • T-shirts;
  • Swimming costume;
  • Towel;
  • Sandals;
  • Light rain jacket.
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