Columbia Bugaboo Parka

Columbia Bugaboo parka is a ski jacket made from a waterproof and breathable fabric, and also comes with a unique Interchange liner system that enhances its features. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Parkas were originally worn by the Inuit, who used a pullover model made from caribou skin and lined with fur around the hood. The modern version of parka has a zip-closure and is usually down-filled, though synthetic fills are gaining importance as they provide the same warmth and comfort. Made of waterproof, fast-wicking and breathable fabrics, modern parkas are ideal to keep out the chills of even the coldest winters.

Columbia Bugaboo Parka

Colombia offers a wide range of jackets and parkas to capture the fun of active outdoor lifestyle. With a variety of designs for men, women and children, sportswear and winter wear, such as parkas, jackets, snow pants and bibs are designed to combat nasty weather conditions.

Introduced in the year 1986, the Columbia Bugaboo parka is an ideal winter coat that comes with several appealing features. Its features have been constantly enhanced, rendering a classic style. The high-performance technology consists of Omni-Tech waterproof fabric which is also breathable. Hence, the wearer is safe and comfortable in different weather conditions. The waterproof feature ensures that the wearer does not get wet during rains, while the breathable feature ensures that sweat is not accumulated within the parka.

Overview of the Bugaboo Parka

The parka has a wicking mesh interior to ensure dryness and comfort, and has a critical seam-sealing to maximize waterproof protection. It has several pockets, including a handy media compartment for a music player, a chest pocket to keep valuable items and pocket for goggles. All the pockets have zip closures. The outer shell is made of nylon, and it has a storm hood that can be removed or adjusted to provide protection during wind and snow. The drawcord-adjustable hem seals out the wind and cold effectively.

The unique zip-in Interchange system

It is the first ski jacket that has a characteristic zip-in interchange system, with which the fleece liner can be removed easily when the temperature is higher. Hence, overheating is prevented, while staying protected from wind and rain.

The Columbia Bugaboo parka for women is renowned for its elegant lines and classic style. With a nylon overlay, the women’s version has feminine cuts and pretty designs. The collar snaps with three-flower details and the piping are a few of the pretty and noteworthy features. The streamlined styling coupled with the performance features add to the authentic feel and fit.

As a versatile soft-shell ski jacket, the Columbia Bugaboo parka is characterized by multi-purpose features, while the Interchange liner system highlights its uniqueness.

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