Croatia Wedding Venues

It’s not surprising that Croatia is a popular choice for couples wishing to get married. The cities, towns and villages of Croatia offer a range of venues to meet any couples wedding needs. Read our guide for more facts & information…

If planning a wedding abroad, it’s a very good idea to hire a wedding planner. While this is not absolutely necessary, it can be useful, especially if none of the parties involved in the wedding speak the native language.

Planners can help in all areas of organizing the wedding and will take care of all communications in Croatia, including dealing with the caterers, florists and helping you book the venue for your wedding.

Croatian Wedding Venues

The Church

Over 75% of the Croatian population is Catholic and there are many churches and chapels that would be willing to host your wedding ceremony.  Your wedding planner should have no problem arranging an English speaking priest to perform the ceremony if necessary. Protestant churches can also be found in the country if required.

Civil Ceremonies

A civil ceremony can be conducted in virtually any location and outdoor wedding venues in particular are on the increase. The service, which takes about 25 minutes, is conducted in Croatian in the presence of an English translator. One advantage of a civil ceremony is it allows you to choose not only the location, but other details such as the music and readings.


One of the most popular venues for a wedding in Croatia is to hire a villa. This affords the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful settings on offer in a Croatian village, town or island. The villa will have features such as a swimming pool, garden and will be able to accommodate a number of people.

The Beach

Another favored wedding venue option in Croatia is the beach. This civil wedding can range from a simple wedding to an extravagant, fairytale wedding with all the extras. The Mediterranean climate and picturesque beaches make for any number of romantic wedding destinations to choose from.


Croatia boasts some unique and beautiful hotels that can accommodate a wedding to suit all budgets. Some hotels provide in-house wedding planners to help with the organizing of the wedding and it’s easy to find a place that will accommodate large parties should it be required.

On a Yacht

An alternative way to get married would be to do it on a yacht. A reception on a fully staffed boat could cater for around 12 people and could be hired for any number of days.

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