Turkish Wedding Food

Interested in Turkish wedding food? Want to know what cuisine is typically served at a traditional Turkish wedding? Read on for facts & information…
Turkish Wedding Food

In most cultures, wedding celebrations include a feast and the meals served at Turkish weddings consist of multiple courses. Although the menu may vary by region, lamb, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes, rice pilaf and native cheeses are usually included.

Chicken is another popular wedding food, but the most memorable and traditional Turkish wedding food is the special soup served at these occasions. There are numerous recipes for Turkish wedding soup and the ingredients vary, but the base for the soup is lamb or lentils and most recipes call for paprika and cayenne pepper.

Turkish Wedding Soups

Turkish wedding soup variations may be served hot or cold and are often flavored with onions and garlic. Several recipes use a beaten egg mixed with lemon juice that is added to the soup shortly before serving. Some versions instruct the cook to dust the soup with cinnamon after it is placed in the serving bowls.

Like many traditional foods, there are as many different recipes as there are cooks so those wishing to prepare this delicious dish should chose a recipe that suits their personal taste.

Main Courses

Kebabs are pieces of sliced meat roasted and served on a skewer and are another popular native dish that may be offered to wedding guests. Flaky pastries with spinach and cheese in the layers can be included in the feast.

At most Turkish meals a native sourdough bread is served and rice or bulgar seasoned and wrapped in grape, cabbage or eggplant leaves are another option for wedding menus. Typically, the meal ends with a sweet in addition to the wedding cake and pastes of figs, dates and almonds with ice cream or baklava are common desserts.

Ethnic Turkish Wedding Recipes

In areas near the Black Sea, Turkish wedding food may include fish, caviar or shellfish instead of lamb, chicken or beef and some regions consume cornbread instead of sourdough bread.

There are a number of different ethnic groups in Turkey including the Kurds, Georgians, Circassians and of course, Turks, and the food of different regions reflects this ethnic diversity. As in most countries, the traditional foods of particular areas are based on the ingredients that are readily available to cooks.

Those lucky enough to be invited to a Turkish wedding should be sure to try the soup, but should not overlook the many other delectable dishes served at traditional ceremonies. Those not lucky enough to attend a Turkish wedding can find recipes on the internet for traditional dishes and prepare Turkish wedding soup for their own special celebrations.

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