Cuba Paris Cologne

Want to buy Cuba Paris Cologne? Read on to discover the different Cuba Paris colognes available for you to enjoy…

The beautifully crafted bottle of the Cuba gold cologne for men has been manufactured by Cuba Paris; a perfume and cosmetics company. This bottle is shaped like a cigar with a legendary band on the top which has the image and name of the perfume inscribed on it.

This cologne has a flowery aroma and is considered to fall in the romantic genre. The flowers blended to create this exotic fragrance are lavender, bergamot and endemic Jasmine which is native to Cuba along with woodsy notes to balance out the sweetness of vetiver and the other fragrant flowers. If you appreciate the fragrance of Cuba Gold by Cuba Paris, why not buy the gift set which includes the aftershave and Cologne? This will allow your man to wear his signature fragrance that will last him all day long.

Everyday Use Cuba Blue Cologne

The next fragrance in this cigar shaped perfume bottle is the Cuba blue cologne crafted specially for men. This has a fresh and unique blend of spicy notes which can be worn everyday as signature cologne by men. This cologne is ideally suited for use in the daytime as it has woody notes and a very outdoor and manly scent which is created with the combination of musk and vanilla for a solid spicy manly fragrance.

The Cuba Black Cologne for Men

The Cuba Black is a romantic perfume created out of Jasmine and the woodsy notes of bergamot and is available in larger packaging as compared to the other cigar shaped bottles. This 3 ounce bottle comes in a cigar shaped glass bottle which is further packaged in a tin.

Fragrances for Women by Cuba Paris

Women interested in purchasing Cuba Paris fragrances will be able to indulge in the perfumes offered by the manufacturer and following the same uniqueness that is prevalent in the men’s cologne range.

Cuba Paris has a range of delightful perfumes for women one of which is the Cuba sparking Zebra that has oriental and spicy notes. This pristine perfume is presented in a cigar shaped bottle which is crystal white and denotes the purity and sharpness of the notes of the perfume.

Another perfume created in the woman’s range by Cuba Paris is called Cuba sparking snake and has the notes of summer flowers and can be worn by young girls and women alike during the daytime.

Exotic Cuba Jungle Zebra for Women

The Cuba Jungle Zebra range of perfumes and sprays for women offer a delightful collection and combination of fragrances. These can be worn as eveningwear perfumes to complement the overall ensemble and give you a truly Cuban feel.

Sensual Cuba Jungle Snake for Women

The Cuba Jungle Snake perfume packaged in a delightful pink tin and cigar shaped brown bottle is a unique blend of white musk and sensual sweet flowery notes. It comprises of the white butterfly known as Jasmine and blossoming roses along with the fresh scent of tuberose and angelica which is blended with white musk to give you a unique and romantic scent.

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