Harajuku Japanese Fashion

Find out about the teen fuelled fashion trend known as the Harajuku Japanese fashion.

Harajuku fashion is the name of a certain style of dressing that is popular in Japan. There are various sub-categories and distinctions within the umbrella of Harajuku fashion. Rather than being one defined form of fashion it has a broad scope with distinct styles.

Amongst the many different Harajuku looks is the elegant gothic Lolita which has long been popular in the country. On the flip side you have the ultra modern looking punk visual kei that has been inspired by the local music scene especially punk and rock.

The fashion gets its name from the place of its origin which is Harajuku. The Harakuju station is one place where you will be able to see just how crazy the youth are over this trend. The station basically serves as a stage where teens from all over the place gather around to show off their costumes. It seems as though you are at a costume party with the youth trying on different disguises in order to mimic their favourite personality whether that is a rock musician, anime character of something gothic.

The Harajuku fashion epicenter in Japan is Tokyo. Over here you will find the youth to be dressed up in amazingly vibrant clothing. It is all a matter of experimentation for the youth who utilize their creative instincts to mix and match different kinds of clothing to come up with something outlandish. The bizarre outfits are often accompanied with colored hair and various other fashion accessories.

The influence of Harajuku Japanese fashion has now escaped the boundaries of the country. Although the trend is catching on in other places it is no where as popular as it is in the place of its origin. The Harajuku is just as much a physical place as it is a fashion trend. The place is the ideal hang out spot for teens that support the fashion. In fact it is here where the trends are decided and the fashion takes on new forms.

Like many other forms of fashion Harajuku is a means of personal freedom of expression. Although the Japanese culture was not open to such audacious freedom of expression in its ancient history times have definitely changed. The youth can dress up any which way they want without having to worry about social pressure because this is the new world order.

The Harajuku fashion craze has led some qualified designers to try their hands at creating something special for the teens. T. Kunitomo and Pas de Calais are amongst the pioneer labels that have ventured into this style of designing. The designers have opened Harajuku fashion outlets in London as well as New York.

Since this fashion trend revolves around teenagers it is constantly changing and evolving much like the teens themselves. The distinctive thing about Harajuku fashion is that it is not the designers or a specific brand that determines the look, rather it is the overall look and attitude that gives direction to the designers.

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