Cuban Government Guide Government & Politics in Cuba

Are you interested in the government & politics of Cuba? Do you want to learn more about the system of Government & politics in Cuba? Our guide to government & politics in Cuba gives you the facts and information you’ll want to know.

Cuba is perhaps most famous for its own approach to government & politics that is unique in the world today. Fidel Castro is the longest serving head of government who has held the premier position in the government and politics of Cuba since 1976.

Local Government & Politics in Cuba

In terms of government and politics, Cuba is divided into 14 provinces which in turn is composed of 169 municipalities which form the government in Cuba at the most local level.  According to the political system in Cuba, the municipal bodies are elected in Cuba every two and a half years by all Cuban adults.

National Government & Politics in Cuba

The main forum in Cuba for government and politics is the national assembly of Cuba. The national assembly of Cuba is comprised of 601 members. According to the system of government and politics in Cuba, the 601 members of the national assembly in Cuba are elected every 5 years by municipal committees.  The national assembly in turn is responsible for electing the real government in Cuba which is the council of State. The council of State in Cuba consists of 31 members in total, including the head of government in Cuba, as well as five vice presidents of Cuba.

Government Ministers in Cuba

According to the system of government and politics in Cuba, the government of Cuba has 44 ministerial positions which together constitute the council of ministers in Cuba. The president of Cuba, who is head of the government, is responsible for nominating the council of government ministers in Cuba; however, this decision must be endorsed by the national assembly of Cuba.

Party Politics and Government in Cuba

The largest and only political party in Cuba is the Communist Party of Cuba. The government and political system in Cuba dictates that there is only one party allowed to engage in politics in Cuba. No opposition political parties are allowed in Cuba. The Communist Party of Cuba has in excess of 800,000 members across Cuba and is hugely influential over a variety of other organisations in Cuba including trade unions and student groups.

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