Habbo Canada

Want to learn more about Habbo Canada? Read on for facts and info on this exclusive members only online social networking club of Canada…

Habbo Canada is an exclusive, VIP, members only club which serves as an online social networking platform. The members are entitled to a wide variety of benefits which include but are not limited to free gifts, extended friends list and exclusive clothes. The service promotes many attractive reasons for clients to join this exclusive network and socialize with new people.

Benefits of Joining Habbo Canada

There are many virtual benefits in this online social networking club which include the clothes and accessories you get from this website. By being endowed with new accessories and clothes a user or member can show off their new status with exclusive hairdos and colors to complement the look.

Every month you can get an exclusive piece of the Habbo club furniture along with special guest room layouts for members only. To retain exclusivity members can choose when the rooms are loading and get access to all areas as required. There are more than 600 people online and you can get in touch with them through this network. The virtual world allows you to sit next to your mate or remove a troublemaker from the room.

Apart from this you can conveniently enjoy homepage upgrades and get rid of the annoying home page advertisements which allow you to use backgrounds and Habbo club skins to decorate your page.

Protecting Yourself Online While Using Habbo Canada

You must ensure that you protect your personal information and secure your name, phone number, address and photographs so that no one can use them for the purpose of a scam or to bully you or endangering you or your family members. A good idea is not to use photographs online because you have no control once you place them on the Internet and they can be altered and used all over the Internet by manipulators. You should be a smart web surfer and never give your contact details or download files from anyone claiming to give you Habbo credits because these could be key loggers or virus loaded files which may damage your computer and steal personal data. Always use the Habbo Canada website to get credits and transfer information online.

How to Purchase Haboo Credit In Canada

It is recommended that you get permission from your parents or guardian before you purchase Habbo credits, because if your payment is canceled later or declined you will be banned permanently from the network. Habbo credits basically function as the hotel’s currency and you are required to have them in order to purchase the VIP membership, teleports and every accessory that is available online for that club.

Habbo Canada is a pre-paid service and you are required to purchase credit in order to interact and use the services. There are always special offers when you want to get Habbo credit which is available in the form of scratch cards by Habbo available at 7 Eleven stores all across Canada, or get the Habbo prepaid cards at Petro-Canada stations. There are also Habbo prepaid card at Chapters. Indigo stores across Canada which offers the best value along with purchasing through your cell phone and ordering credits through a text message. Of course you can purchase the credits by making a call through your landline or using your credit card.

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