Cuban Link Chain

Looking for a Cuban link chain? Read on to find out the options available for personalized Cuban link chains…

The Cuban link chain is an elegant necklace that is available generally in silver or gold. This thick gold chain is synonymous with affluence and prosperity. Generally there are various designs available and the metal that you can choose for creating your Cuban link chains are gold and silver and if you want to spend a lot of money you can even have it created out of platinum.

Various Options of the Cuban Link Chain

When looking for a Cuban Link chain you can select different kinds of links that build up the design of the chain. If you select a link style that is known as the curb link, then your chain will have a wavy effect and lie flat on the neck. These chains are available with hidden lock clasps and also basic hooks. The chains generally range from 7 to 9 mm curb links to create a uniform look. You can actually choose the length of this 14 karat gold chain which can start at around 11 inches and go all the way up to 16 inches.

Chains created out of the sterling Silver metal are also available in different links which may be the circular kind or the curb link. You can even choose from vintage chain styles to replicate the charm of the authentic Cuban Link chain. The chains weigh from around 50 g to 150 g and of course are priced according to the value of the gold.

A unique form of the Cuban gold chain link is the ID chain. This chain has normally got an 8 to 12 inch gold strip of Cuban Link and the center is taken up by a flat ID tag. This ID tag can be engraved by any personal message like your phone number, dog tag number or name making it an extremely personal piece of jewelry. In fact the Cuban Link chains make for an excellent gift if you want to spend money for a loved one or friend.

They’re always in fashion, can be worn with any outfit and actually worn consistently because you do not need to care for them a lot. If you have a high-quality chain then the hidden lock clasp will ensure safety while you wear it on a daily basis. This means that you can actually make it a statement piece of your jewelry items and continue to wear it day in and day out. The reason for this is that the Cuban chain link is a very innovatively designed durable piece of jewelry.

Apart from this if you purchase a chain that has 3 to 4 mm of curb links which are secured by a lobster clasp then you can actually purchase a gold or silver pendant to go with the chain. This can be worn regularly on the chain or when you want to enhance an outfit with heavier accessories. Pendants are generally available in the shapes of hearts and circles and the beauty of these pendants is that they can be opened and you can store a picture or personal item inside them. This of course makes for a highly creative and personalized gift for a loved one or friend.

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