Mining History Twenty-Nine Palms California

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Mining history in Twenty-Nine Palms, California goes back to 1873. Two men, Joseph Voshay and Dave Gowen, were the first to discover gold in the area, and they made mining history. Both of the men were considered experts, and had discovered a number of profitable gold mines before this one. The pair had decided to start prospecting in the area around Twenty-Nine Palms, California, and they got very lucky. Dave Gowen was walking past a gulch when he noticed a rock that was full of gold ore. Back at camp Gowen showed his partner the find, and it was agreed that the area was a prime location for a gold mine.

The Blue Jay Mine

Gowen and Voshay thoroughly examined the area around Twenty-Nine Palms, California, where the gold ore was found, and located a ledge as well as other claims locations. In the days following the exploration Dave McGowen was working the claim sites when a Native American approached, and showed McGowen where a large amount of gold could be found in the distance. When the Indian brought back samples the partners were surprised at the amount of gold contained. It was decided that the Indian would guide the men to the location, which is now known in mining history as the famous Blue Jay Ledge and Blue Jay Mine.

Other Historic Gold Mines

The Blue Jay Mine is not the only one that is famous in mining history near Twenty-Nine Palms, California. The area also produced the Gowen Mine, and many others that contributed to the mining history of this location. The land to the east of Twenty-Nine Palms produced a number of mines as well, and in 1883 a man named Lew Curtis discovered placer gold which came from the Pinto Basin. Eight miles to the south of Twenty-Nine Palms lies the Gold Park, which includes a group of many historic mines that date back to the late eighteenth century.

The End Of An Era

History shows that gold mining in the Twenty-Nine Palms, California area only lasted about a decade before much of the available gold was gone, and the mines here were no longer producing much. By 1883 the town and surrounding area were no longer rich with this ore. Gold mining history shows that up until 1900 there was gold mining being done in this part of the state though, just not in this specific area. Gold continues to be found in small amounts near Twenty- Nine Palms, California even today, but the large amounts that drew gold miners and prospectors are gone now.

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