Shopping Tips in Cuba

Are you going on holiday to Cuba? Do you want to know where the best places for shopping in Cuba are? Our guide to shopping in Cuba gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Having suffered from a US embargo for over three decades, Cuba is not the ideal place to go shopping for the latest in international fashions and electronics. That does not mean, however, that Cuba is not a good place to do some shopping. Cuba has some very unique and interesting shopping opportunities for those willing to explore. Below we’ve highlighted a few of the things that people go shopping for in Cuba

Resort shopping in Cuba

If you have booked a package holiday to Cuba and are staying on a large hotel resort, then invariably there will be a hotel shop or shopping area where you can buy a few good Cuban products. The shops located in hotel resorts in Cuba are known as Tiendos and sell touristy things like some clothes, cigars and various other souvenirs from Cuba. The good thing about shopping at Tiendos in Cuba is that prices of products are all clearly marked, so you aren’t likely to be ripped off. However, all shopping at Tiendos is done in $US which means you are not likely to get any bargains while shopping at the resort either.

Souvenir shopping in Cuba

If you want a more authentic shopping experience in Cuba, take a stroll along one of the many markets that can be found all over Cuba. Typical handicraft souvenirs from Cuba include small painted statues and other wooden carved ornaments. It is possible to do some bargaining while shopping at these places in Cuba, and you may be able to get away with paying for your shopping in Cuban money.

Revolutionary shopping in Cuba

One interesting set of souvenirs you might be interested in shopping for while in Cuba if you are politically inclined, is a whole set of Socialist revolutionary paraphernalia from Cuba.  T- Shirts, posters and post cards of the Argentinean Socialist guerrilla fighter Che Guevara are particularly popular products with many tourists shopping in Cuba.

Music shopping in Cuba

Cuba is an Island of fantastic musical genius and Cuban music has spawned many internationally celebrated genres of music in the 20th century. One good thing to go shopping for is some authentic Cuban music CD’s which can be bought at licensed music shops throughout Cuba. The quality of the recording is great and so is the music. If you are interested in taking up music yourself, then why not go shopping for an authentic Cuban musical instrument such as a Cuban hand crafted guitar?

Art shopping in Cuba

Visitors shopping in Cuba will come across many works of art on sale, and in most cases will meet the artist personally.  Whilst it is fine to do some shopping for art in Cuba, always be sure you get an official receipt which you must show the customs officials at the airport in Cuba. Otherwise, your newly purchased art may be confiscated.

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