Wonderful and Unusual Things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco has a huge variety of things to see and do. With top restaurants, exciting clubs and bars and some top U.S. attractions it is hard to know where to start. However, if you are the kind of person who enjoys seeking out the hidden and more unusual sights and activities, then take a look at this selection of wonderful and sometimes weird.

The Audium

1616 Bush Street (at Franklin)

The Audium is a pitch black theatre filled with 176 speakers distributed around the room to create a ‘sound sculptured space’.  It is the only theatre of its kind in the world and was one of the first pioneers into the exploration of sound. Sounds appear to move past, over and under you to create a unique and unusual experience in this 49-seat theatre. The Audium is open every Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm.

City Rent-a-Car

1433 Bush Street

City Rent-a-car is a local car hire agency which offers some great deals on car rental. However, it makes our list because for not much over cost of maxing out the upgrades at Hertz, you can hire yourself a Porsche Boxster, BMW 328i, Corvette or other stunning car. At weekends you’ll have to take a 2-day minimum hire but, what the hell, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t want to take it back.

The USS Pampanito @ Pier 45

The USS Pampanito (SS-383) is an overlooked gem. This World War II submarine is moored at Fisherman’s Wharf and the self guided tour ($3) gets you up close and personal with the extremely tight quarters inside an actual WWII submarine. The Pampanito made 6 patrols in the Pacific during which she sank six Imperial Japanese ships and damaged four others.

The California Academy of Sciences

55 Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park

Head on down to Golden Gate Park to see buffalo and bison and rent a boat without even having to leave the park!  At the California Academy of Science you’ll find a museum and aquarium as well as a gang of American Bison and Buffalo. You can also take to the water and head out onto Stow Lake in a choice of rowboats, electric boats or pedal boats. Rowboats start around $14 an hour and are a great way to explore this serene lake. Not to miss is the excellent Nightlife at the Academy. Every Thursday night a new adventure unfolds as the dance floor and bars in the museum open their doors for adults to enjoy cocktails and beer whilst staring at some of natures wildest creatures.

San Francisco is a great place to visit and offers some very desirable real estate. Visually stunning, the city has some of the happiest, healthiest and fittest people in America. If you are looking to relocate or live in San Francisco then check out the Area Vibes website for real estate prices and a stack of useful information for those looking to buy or rent in the city.

Do you know about any weird and wonderful sights or activities in San Francisco? If so, we would love to hear from you. Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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