Cuban Sightseeing Guide: Things to do in Matanzas Cuba

Are you going on holiday to Matanzas in Cuba? Do you want to know what sightseeing and tourist attractions are on offer in Matanzas? Our guide to Matanzas in Cuba gives you the information you’ll want to know.

The province of Matanzas is located in the centre west of Cuba near the Capital City of Havana. Matanzas has a total population of 640,000 and in terms of geographical area, it is the second largest province in Cuba. The primary industry in Matanzas in Cuba is agriculture, with a particular emphasis on the production of oranges. During the 19th century Matanzas was one of the primary sugar cane producing regions in Cuba.  Although the town of Matanzas does have some noteworthy attractions including museums, the majority of sightseeing in the region of Matanzas is done away from the city.

Crocodile farm in Matanzas Cuba

The crocodile farms of Cuba are a must on the itinerary of any visit to Cuba. The Boca de Guama in Matanzas province of Cuba is one such crocodile farm. This crocodile farm specialises in the conservation and breeding of two different species of crocodile in Cuba. The crocodile farm in Matanzas province Cuba is open daily from 9am to 6pm and admission costs $3. In addition to coming face to face with live Cuban crocodiles and seeing the breeding and rearing process first hand, you even have the chance to try a crocodile steak for lunch.

Verardo beach in Matanzas Cuba

Verardo beach in Matanzas province of Cuba is a primary tourist destination. This beach in Cuba is popular not only because it is a continuous stretch of beach that exceeds 20km in length, but also the fine white sands are perfect for walking on. From Verardo beach in Matanzas province there are several outfits that operate deep sea fishing and scuba diving excursions. There are three marinas located on this part of Matanzas province from where you can even rent your own boat for a day.

Caves of Bellamar in Matanzas Cuba

The Caves of Bellamar in the Matanzas province of Cuba are a series of underground caves that run continuously for more than 2km. The Caves are open to the public to view and there a guided tours of the caves in Matanzas which commence almost every hour. Inside the caves there is a trickling stream that runs the length of the cave system. Apart from the Caves of Bellamar in Matanzas there is a restaurant outside so you can have lunch and see the caves together.

Montemar National Park in Matanzas Cuba

Although it is difficult to identify exactly what constitutes a national park in Cuba, Montemar in Matanzas province is definitely a prime nature location in Cuba. This national park in Cuba is the biggest area of swamp land in Cuba making it an interesting habitat full of many rare types of wildlife. There are believed to be in excess of 150 different bird species in this part of Matanzas making it an excellent bird watching location. There are also more than 30 different types of reptile indigenous to this part of the Matanzas province in Cuba.

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