Irish Sibling Symbols

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Various Irish Sibling Symbols

Ancient Irish sibling symbols focused on the male gender to the exclusion of the female. Although brothers had a symbol for each other, there were none for sisters. For brothers, the symbol most commonly used by the ancient Irish, or Celtic people to represent the male sibling was the arrow knot. It was also referred to as the brotherhood of the arrow.

As specific Irish sibling symbols, arrows denoted power and virility. The shape of the arrow and the speed with which it flew through the air when released from the bow bespoke its ability to cut down adversaries swiftly and surely. Its latent power was embedded in the phallic motif, hence its association with virility. In sunburst designs, arrows are represented as the rays of the sun. The sunburst is called ‘Fianna na hEireann’ in Gaelic and translates literally into ‘warriors of Ireland’. Ancient Irish clansmen associated symbols of the sun with their brave warriors.

By incorporating Irish sibling symbols of Celtic arrow knots in their tattoos, ancient Irish clansmen identified with their fellow brothers in war. Warriors from various tribes bonded as a band of brothers on the battlefield. Their victory was dependent upon strength and skill in fighting and they were known as the Brotherhood of the Arrow.

Ancient Irish Symbols

The Pentagram is an ancient Irish symbol connected with magic. It is used today as a symbol of faith by Wiccans who essentially worship nature. At the start of a ritual, Wiccans would draw the symbol of the pentagram and summon the spirits of the four elements, earth, water, fire and air, as part of their religious practice.

Another ancient Irish symbol was the Seven Stars, known as ‘Twr Tewdws’ in Gaelic. These are the Pleides and were honored as the Seven Priestesses by ancient Celts in magical rituals. They represented the seven planets that were known to the Celtic people at that time.

Noteworthy Irish sibling symbols are arrows. The Celtic knot arrow was a tattoo symbol used commonly by warriors and signified both power and virility. Success on the battlefield demanded that warriors band together as brothers and the Brotherhood of the Arrow was born. Irish sunburst symbols had arrows as the rays.

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