Cuban Yellow Rice

Want an authentic Cuban yellow rice recipe? Read ahead to discover how to cook flavorful Cuban yellow rice recipes for dinner…

Rice is a staple food item in Cuba and most of Latin America and quite a few variations are available for the basic recipes. One of the most popular rice dishes is the Cuban yellow rice and is usually served as a side dish at family dinners. The yellow color is normally acquired by using achiote or annato seed oil but you can actually use saffron. This may prove to be expensive but it results in a flavorful and rich rice dish. Generally the rice is served with a meat picadillo or meat sauce or perhaps a chicken roast. In order to create a rich, wholesome and flavorful meal the Cuban yellow rice dish is always created with broth from chicken and for a festive and wholesome meal a few vegetables are also added into it.

The Cuban yellow rice dish is popular all over the Caribbean and liked because of its festive color and delicious rich flavor. The most common garnish utilized for decorating the Cuban yellow rice dish is pimento which adds the bright orange color and flavor. The recipe is rated as an all-time favorite for Cubans and other rice lovers. The preparation time is basically 10 minutes and you can cook the meal within 20 minutes. So while you’re preparing a main dish you can simultaneously prepare the rice which will be ready faster.

Ingredients for Cuban Yellow Rice

You will require 4 cups of long grain rice which does not become soggy and retains its texture and shape after it has been cooked. This rice will be cooked in 8 cups of water; you will require one small onion which has been diced finely, 2 teaspoons of salt for seasoning, 1/8 teaspoon of paprika and 1/8 teaspoon of powdered annatto. To add a burst of color, use one cup of peas and 4 ounces of sliced pimentos to garnish the dish.

The Directions to Prepare Cuban Yellow Rice

Put the rice in a sieve and then rinse it with cold water till it is clean and clear. Drain it thoroughly to remove all the water from the rice. Now put it in a crock-pot which has a tight fitting cover and add the 8 cups of water into it. Mix in the salt and other seasonings and stir in the onions and pepper. Now bring the mixture to a rapid boil over medium to high heat. Lower the flame and cover the pan tightly and let the rice simmer. After 10 minutes gently add the peas into the rice and mix them carefully without stirring the rice too much.

Now cook until all the water has evaporated and the rice is tender. This should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. To check if the rice is tender, press a few grains in your index finger and thumb. They should be soft to the touch but firm. Do not overcook the rice otherwise it will become very mushy. Garnish the Cuban yellow rice with pimento slices and serve immediately. Serve with Cuban Picadilla or Key Lime chicken roast and enjoy a traditional Cuban dinner with your friends and family.

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