Pinar 3000 Cuban Cigars

Interested in the Pinar 3000 Cuban Cigar? Read on to find out the different kinds of Pinar 3000 Cuban Cigars available in the market…

The tradition of cigar smoking is quite old and was popularized in Europe during the late 18th century when tobacco was utilized as a trade commodity. Authentic cigars from Cuba and the Caribbean countries are extremely popular and valuable across the world. This is mainly because painstaking care is taken to sort and classify the leaves which are then used to blend the filling for the cigar. These are then hand rolled with care and gentleness in the tobacco leaf and then shipped all across the world for cigar lovers to enjoy smoking.

Pinar 3000 Cuban Cigars are available in different varieties and packaging. The company is known as the manufacturer of the Pinar Habanito which is available in packs of 10. This is a tobacco that is over 40 years old and very well aged. The leaf that it is wrapped in is quite rough and crumbly. However, since it has natural oils and a flavor synonymous with the great Cuban cigars, it is used in an unblended form to create hundred percent authentic Cuban Pinar Habanitos range of Cuban cigars. The packaging consists of natural four and a half-inch cigars in multiples of 10.

Pinar 3000 Double Corona is also created out of hundred percent authentic Cuban tobacco leaves which are utilized to fill and bind this cigar along with wrapping it up. The quintessential Cuban cigars are rich in flavor and have a great depth which is a main consideration for people looking for authentic Cuban cigars which are enjoyable to smoke.

Pinar 3000 Rothschild is one of the other famous cigar lines from this manufacturer and is considered the quintessential Cuban brand. Each leaf is classified and sorted according to its origin and flavor. And the Pinar 3000 Rothschild is created by blending different flavors of the leaf to get the traditional Cuban strength. This is achieved by using larger quantities of the Ligero. The result is a 100% hand rolled Cuban cigar which has the leaf as well as the filler and wrapper from authentic Cuban sources. This cigar is extremely easy to smoke and one of the rich and complicated blends from the Pinar 3000 Cuban Cigar range. You can easily purchase it in packs of 10 cigars or a bigger box of 20 cigars depending on your requirements.

The Pinar 3000 Toro is another version of a combination of several authentic Cuban tobacco blends used to create a deep and rich flavor for the Cuban cigar. Created with well sorted leaf you can be sure of the richness and depth of this cigar which can be smoked easily and creates a smooth flavor in your mouth. You can purchase the Maduro or natural flavored authentic Cuban cigar in a box of 20 or packs of 10.

Pinar 3000 Belicoso Mediano, Super Corona, and the Pinar 3000 Belicoso Mediano are other brand names of the hundred percent Cuban rolled cigars which are popular with Cuban label connoisseurs. Pinar 3000 El Diablo Eaches is a blend of authentic Cuban tobacco and is available as petite Cuban cigars which can be ordered individually or in boxes of 50.

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