Indian Sweets Rasgulla

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Indian sweets have a strong base in sugar and milk or condensed milk. These are very sweet confectionery, which are prepared by frying the ingredients that have been mixed in oil. Indian sweets are derived from milk, a staple that is abundant in the country, as milk producing cows are regarded as holy animals by the Hindu population of India.

Among the Indian sweets that are famous for their excellent taste is Laddu. This popular sweet is made by dipping flour balls with a mixture of ingredients in sugary syrup. The result is a round, compact ball that is deep yellow in color. This Indian sweet is very often served during festivals and celebrations and is favored above other types of confectionery due to its ease of preparation. The most famous Laddu is made in the temple of Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh, the richest temple in the world. It is renowned for its excellent taste and is served to devotees as a blessed food after prayers.

Another Indian sweet known as Jalebi, hails from North India and is a circular shaped confectionery, usually orange in color, made by dipping sweetened flour into hot oil and coating with sugary syrup. The taste can be compared to a Gulab Jamun, which is a milk ball that has been fried in oil and immersed in a very thick and sweet syrup. This particular sweet is served on occasions as a dessert after meals. Chick pea flour is used to make Mysore Pak, another sweet tasting confectionery, which has generous doses of ghee and sugar.

Colorful Indian Sweets

Indian sweets are very colorful and this is mainly due to the type of ingredients that are included in the mixture. When displayed in stalls and shops, their bright colors attract many buyers. Chick peas that have been thoroughly boiled and have become soft as well as very soft lentils form part of the important ingredients for the sweets. These give Laddu and Mysore Pak their distinctive deep yellow or orange color.

Indian sweets are famous for being both, very sweet and colorful. The ingredients are easily available, and although Indian sweets come from different parts of India, they retain their excellent taste through the process of frying in oil and dipping in syrup.

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