Supra Cuban

Want to own an original Supra Cuban? Explore the unique features and different styles of Supra Cubans available in the market…

The Supra Cuban has been manufactured as a non-signature item from the Supra brand which is also famous for its luggage. This sneaker is considered highly innovative because it has incorporated the use of the tongue flap which has a Velcro stick on and can actually be removed. Apart from this the Cuban Supra sneaker has an outsole made up of gum rubber which has been vulcanized.

For added comfort it actually has a mesh sock liner. Since Cuban link chains are extremely popular as jewelry pieces, this feature has been incorporated in the Supra Cubans and you can see an original metallic Cuban chain link featured on top of the removable tongue flap. The Supra Cuban brand has a range of shoes for skaters as well as shoes which fall in the non-skate line.

The Crocodile Suede Supra Cuban

This product can be described as a mix of Cuban Che Guevara’s sense of style combined with Castro’s yearning for power which has resulted in the creation of the perfect Cuban shoe for men. This sneaker has been constructed out of suede and has a gold metallic Cuban link chain which rests over the removable Velcro tongue flap. The vulcanized gum rubber soles have a good grip which lasts on normal ground as well as the skating deck. The crocodile texture is blended with Cuban flare and a good sense of style.

The Supra Cuban is manufactured in China and actually has a 90 day warranty. This classy sneaker has an upper created out of suede leather which has crocodile leather effects on it to give it a rich and deep feel. It can be utilized as a skating shoe as well as a lounging shoe.

Supra Vaider in Purple Patent Suede

Another popular patented purple suede sneaker by Supra Cuban is the Supra Vaider. This high top sneaker has a vulcanized sole and is considered an athletic shoe. This men’s sneaker is popular not only for its purple suede but also for its functionality and charm as a high top. The well-crafted sneaker has perforated leather and suede trim and accents which make it an authentic but vintage style supra Cuban.

Classy Hi-tops in the Vaider Series by Supra Cuban

The Mesh Vaider Supra Cuban Sneaker designed specially for men has the high top design with vulcanized rubber soles. There is a soft lining which is padded for comfort and the upper is created out of mesh which has contrasting suede panels and tongue. The Royal blue mesh is designed on the toe box as well as the back for a contrasting design. The supra Vaider Tuf is another high top sneaker by Supra Cubans which has the rubber sole for easy grip when skating.

TK Society Sneaker By Supra Cuban

Another popular range in the Supra Cuban sneaker line is the TK Society sneakers popularized due to their association with Teddy Kennedy who is a Supra rider and brand ambassador. The sneakers have a special technology which includes a mid sole that has SupraFoam technology to create impact resistance and provide a flexible shoe with the two Velcro straps near the upper ankle. There is a gray leather tongue panel while a soft gray fabric lines the interior. The TK logo is also placed at the upper ankle and the sneakers finished off with a sturdy rubber sole for added comfort and grip on the streets. This sneaker is available in leather which is perforated.

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